Copilot Podcast: Microsoft’s David Humphreys Highlights Copilot Applications in D365 Field Service

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 9 of the “Copilot Podcast,” host Aaron Back is joined by David Humphreys, Microsoft Global Black Belt — Field Service, Microsoft. The two discuss the artificial intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Copilot applications within the context of Dynamics 365 Field Service, necessary skills to have as an end-user and developer, and customer success stories around Copilot for Field Service.

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01:32 — David begins by explaining his background. Since 1982, David has been doing ERP and CRM solutions, with a large focus on the Field Service aspect. He’s worked with many Fortune 500 companies that have shifted from a manufacturing focus to a service focus.

03:59 — With the rise of AI, and Microsoft’s growing focus on artificial intelligence and Microsoft Copilot, Aaron asks David how this has impacted the conversations he’s having with customers today. Every conversation, explains David, is about how AI and Copilot, and how these technologies can be applied within the context of their business.

“AI gives them a way to actually utilize that [data] to make their business better, and help, in my case, frontline workers, be more efficient and have access to that information that previously was very difficult to mine and use in a productive way.”

06:14 — Microsoft is “providing this AI toolset to anybody.” Within Dynamics 365 Field Service, there are a number of Copilots. Three major things that are now available to the platform:

  • The integration with Outlook
  • Summarization of a work order
  • Copilot in the Field Service mobile app

“So huge value for frontline workers. Then you add on some of the other things like Copilot for Sales and the ability to help that technician or that person in the field sell better or find upsell opportunities.”

10:09 — Another AI capability available in Dynamics 365 Field Service is the “Resource Scheduling Optimization” function. He explains that this is a “great tool for learning and helping [find] those resources to get the job done, increase that first-time fix rate, do the work quicker.”

14:07 — For end-users, David emphasizes the need for them to understand the applications of Copilot within the context of Field Service. Learning how to ask the right questions, in order to get the right output, is crucial. For citizen developers, David promotes the need to have a technical understanding of Copilot. Finally, for professional developers, being cognizant of the data that’s being used and training AI models is paramount.

19:26 — David notes how “big box” retailers are using Copilot in Field Service and seeing great success, including GE and Armstrong, who are benefiting from these tools “so that they can actually, you know, make it, sell it and then service it.”

Lastly, he notes “We’re seeing that trend everywhere, in every aspect of what we do these days, and every conversation we have with customers about AI and Copilot, how it can enhance their business.”

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