Advertising Opportunities

Partner Page Benefits

  • Prorated per existing membership
  • Unlimited number of your company’s employees
  • 100 leads guaranteed annually
  • Direct link to you via “Connect with Us”
  • Inclusion in select communications promoting Partner Pages content

Partner Page Cost: $5,000

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Partner Page Examples

Partner Page Overview:

  • Full access to all UG communities in one site
  • ”Partner Page” in the Partner Directory tagged with relevant UG’s
  • Post white papers, press releases, demos, research and video
  • Engage in User discussions, answer questions, offer advice
  • Ability for a user to connect with you directly via email

Partner Page Features:

  • Company logo, URL & social links
  • Company overview
  • “Connect with Us” button for a “discovery call”
  • Featured research or whitepaper (primary demand gen piece)
  • Room for your Articles (PR), How-to, Tips/Tricks, webinars and whitepapers
  • Update up to 4 pieces of content a month as you release it

Important Note: Gated assets must be added by the partner on the Partner Page to receive the lead guarantee.

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