Dynamics Communities FAQ 

Dynamics Communities FAQ

Dynamics Communities represents collaboration, knowledge sharing, expertise, networking, and the decentralization of years of intelligence which can only be found in a passionate community of people. 

Built on the foundation of “For User, By User”, this site is your learning platform that delivers the Community Summit experience year-round. Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate your success as we continue building on this foundation giving you the ability to reduce complexities and deliver results, further redefining your future.

Click or tap your profile image/icon in the top-right and select “Profile”.

Mouse over the cover photo on your profile and tap or click the camera icon.

On the “Change Cover Photo” page, click or tap the “Select your file” to choose your cover photo image.

Please note: The recommended minimum image size is 1950px by 450px.

Mouse over the center profile image/icon and click or tap “Change Profile Photo”.

On the “Change Profile Photo” page,

  • Click or tap the “Select your file” under the “Upload” tab to choose your cover photo image from a saved file on your device.
  • Click or tap the “Take Photo” tab to take a photo from your device.
    • You may be prompted to provide permission to the device to access your camera.
    • Use the “Capture” button to take the photo.
    • Use the “Save” button to save the photo and apply it to your profile.
  • Click or tap the “Delete” tab where you can select the “Delete My Profile Photo” button to remove your profile photo.

Under the profile icon menu, click or tap “Membership”.

  • The “Info” tab will allow you to update your Email, Address, Company, Job Title, Industry, and Work Phone.
  • The “Subscription” tab will allow you to manage your Dynamics Communities subscription.
  • The “Payments” tab will allow you to view and/or make payments toward your subscription.

Yes! The “My Community” area is your personal hub for what’s happening across the communities you are interested in. From here, you can view recent posts, check on updates in the feed, see the latest updates, jump over to a specific User Group, or create a new post to share with the community.

You can create a new post to share across the site to everyone or select specific people or groups. To create the post, simply write your message, and click or tap “Post”.

💡Quick tip: You can “at mention” another member by typing the “@” symbol and typing or selecting from the list.

 If you would like to have the message post appear for specific people or groups, click or tap the “Public” list button.

Now you can select where your message post will appear.


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