Extending Microsoft Copilot with Lighthouse Readiness

Microsoft Copilot

In this Copilot “Tip of the Week,” AI Expert Aaron Back shares an example of how Microsoft Copilot is being extended and highlights a use case from the company Lighthouse.

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00:48 — 2024 is the year of Copilot in production, meaning that more and more companies will learn how to reimagine artificial intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Copilot’s practical applications. One company, Lighthouse, has a new solution built off of Microsoft Copilot — its Gen AI Assessment tool.

01:29 — This tool is meant to give companies an assessment of their generative AI technology stack, and provides a “Copilot readiness” analysis. Additionally, it provides what Lighthouse calls a “playbook” for implementing Copilot with data governance e-discovery alignment, and risk mitigation in mind.

01:50 — Furthermore, a goal of this assessment is to help limit the risks of data leakage or unauthorized data access.

“This is a great use case for AI being extended and applicable across all of your tech stack. This Lighthouse solution is just one example of the many bespoke or purpose-built AI, Copilot solutions we’ll continue to see throughout this year,” notes Aaron.

02:38 — In 2024, Aaron predicts that users will continue to see this explosion of these purpose-built Copilots rebranded under the different companies creating these solutions, including ISVs and Microsoft Partners. Further, he expects to see more industry-specific solutions within areas like healthcare, retail manufacturing, and much more.

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