Copilot Podcast: Microsoft AI Data Center Speculation

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 20 of the “Copilot Podcast,” AI Expert Aaron Back discusses the speculation of Microsoft’s investment in its AI data centers.

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00:40 — Most “AI-powered” apps are powered by compute power which comes from the cloud. Cloud computing plays an important role in how fast AI’s output is returned. This will continue, as Microsoft is now taking cloud computing to the next level.

01:45 — Currently, there is speculation that Microsoft and OpenAI are looking to create AI data centers, called “Stargate,” to launch in 2028. Setting all speculations aside, Aaron notes that it makes sense for Microsoft to invest its resources in something that is AI-powered from the ground up

02:49 — In many AI-powered solutions, Microsoft Copilot is used behind the scenes in LLMs, which require a substantial amount of compute power. More specifically, AI Data Centers require a great amount of energy to power them.

04:56 — In closing, Aaron poses two questions:

  • Will we see Microsoft Copilot power “Stargate”?
  • How are you really using Microsoft Copilot to reimagine how you work?

Stream the audio version of this episode here:

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