When to Migrate from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365

If you are using Dynamics AX, the thought of migrating to Dynamics 365 has most likely crossed your mind. Although the new features, easy scalability, and added intelligence are enticing, the obstacles of data migration and disruption of business continuity may persuade you from migrating. As specialists in enabling organizations to seamlessly migrate from older versions of Dynamics to the all-new cloud version, we can assure you that we will migrate your data quickly, successfully, and without impacting your business continuity.

In today’s blog, we will discuss when an organization should decide to execute the migration. This topic is important as it will ensure that your business migrates to the cloud at the perfect time!

When should you upgrade from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365?

Upgrading to Dynamics 365 will facilitate revenue generation and will save you tons in the long-term. If you are unsure if your business is ready for an upgrade from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365, make sure to review the following considerations:

You need an upgrade from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 when –

1. You require more licenses.

Expanding your workforce also means increasing your end-users. This increase in end-users is reflected by the increased number of required licenses. When using Dynamics AX, you need to pay the license fee plus annual support maintenance. Rather than purchasing new licenses, upgrade your business to Dynamics 365. By upgrading to Dynamics 365, you will reduce your expenditures and save more.

2. You are anticipating growth.

Your existing ERP needs an upgrade as your business initiatives evolve. Are you an organization currently thinking about or in the process of adding more strength to your workforce? If yes, our expert team highly suggests a technology upgrade. Your ERP should be just as agile and scalable as your team to keep up with your company’s growth.

3. You are adding business processes.

As and when your business grows, the need to add new business processes or adjust existing processes to accompany the growth becomes extremely apparent. This also means that your existing ERP should be able to facilitate the new addition or the change in the processes. When your organization is adding or changing its business processes, an upgrade from Dynamics AX to 365 is highly recommended as integrative and embedded functions are more readily available in Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 is a multi-tenant suite of applications that fulfills your needs and prioritizes your customers above everything. To ensure that your Dynamics 365 investment is a success, you will need a Microsoft Dynamics Partner to guide you through the process. At Bond Consulting Services, we provide expert consultation for your Dynamics 365 implementation, customization, integration, development, and maintenance support. For more information on Dynamics 365, visit our website or contact our Team!

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