Copilot Podcast: How Microsoft Copilot Is Aiding the Legal Industry

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 28 of the Copilot Podcast, AI Expert Aaron Back explains how Copilot is impacting the legal industry, and focuses on a partnership between Litera and Microsoft.

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00:56 — Currently, the legal world is “getting a boost in the AI realm,” Aaron notes, as Microsoft has recently partnered with Litera, a Microsoft AI Cloud partner and provider of legal technology solutions for professionals in the legal industry. With the partnership, Litera is developing a Microsoft Copilot integration to streamline workflows for lawyers, making them more efficient and accurate.

01:58 — This is a “working partnership from both sides,” that will provide better integrations and smoother workflows for the legal practice community. Litera aims to make Microsoft Copilot a “day-to-day tool” by the end of 2024.

03:23 — Aaron expresses that it’s important to see other industries being positively impacted by Microsoft Copilot, but he cautions users to be mindful when validating Copilot’s output, which is critical in a legal context.

04:52 — “Make sure the facts are really the facts when AI or Copilot are generating things and ensure that accuracy is always in place. Again, it’s meant to be an assistant and a Copilot.”

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