On Location: Directions NA 2023 Day 3 Wrap-Up

Microsoft MVP and Chief Content Officer Aaron Back was on location at Directions NA, which took place in Orlando, Florida, from April 16-19.

In this video, Aaron gives an overview of Day 3 of the conference.


00:09 — Similar to Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference, the theme of artificial intelligence (AI) continued. Day 3 “was more around the context of the Power Platform, and how it can help extend Business Central in unique ways,” explains Aaron.

00:52 — Many attendees are excited about the new AI capabilities, but Aaron shares that there is some hesitancy. “It’s really down to that reality. What are those next steps that our business needs to do to make all of this happen?”

01:10 — Aaron also had the chance to speak with Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager Mike Borg Cardona. The two discussed all things AI and the importance of human involvement in AI. He also spoke with a few other Microsoft folks about how Business Central can be extended, by opening up field access, which can help users personalize things inside the system.

02:38 — Aaron shares a final thought; the scope of the AI rollout that Microsoft alluded to at Directions NA was starting small on purpose. “They [Microsoft] fully realize there’s a lot of things behind the using of AI, like Copilot, within the context of an ERP like Business Central, because you have to take into account the implications of security, privacy, usage of customer data, for say, AI models, or if AI generates something. So we have to take all that into the context of the business — regulatory or compliance concerns, or industry compliance concerns.”

03:46 — Aaron thanks listeners for tuning in to his event coverage over the last several days and encourages them to start a discussion thread on the forum.

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