Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Outsourcing in Assembly Process

By: ANDI (Seetharaman A. Rajaram) – Senior Consultant

Please find the steps to guide you through the process of handling outsourcing as a part of the Assembly Process.

Step 1:
  • Parent Item: Create an Assembly Bill of Material (BOM) for the final product/Finish Good
  • For example: (Part no/Part name: 10000-RS/ Flower Assembly)
  • Child Items:
  • Flower Leaf (part No: 10001-L) – 8 Nos.
  • 10002-S  Flower Stick Assembly 1 No

a. Stick Assembly

  1. Child Item: Flower Stick (Part No: 100021-S)
  2. Add a cost for Labor charge for Assembly of Parent item (10000-RS)
  • Create a Resource
  • Define a labor cost and add labor cost to the assembly (outsource charge)

Step 2:

Processing Orders

1. Create Sales order for part no: 10000-RS/ Flower Assembly (This creates an Assembly order automatically when all the Assembly setup are in place)

  • Location: MAIN

2. Create Purchase Order to “Vendor A” for Flower (part no/part name: 10001-L/ Flower Leaf)

  • Location: MAIN
  • Post Receipts (Ship to: Deliver the flower to “Vendor B”) and Post Vendor Invoice

3. Create Purchase Order to “Vendor B” for Stick Assembly (part no/part name: 10002-S / Flower Stick Assembly)

  • Location: MAIN
  • Post Receipts for Assembled Flower
  • Post Purchase Invoice

Note: Now, BC will have stock for 10001-L/ Flower Leaf and 100021-S / Flower Stick

Step 3:

1. Post Sales Shipment (Consumption and output will be registered automatically in the automatically created Assembly order)

2. Post Sales Invoice

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