Microsoft Copilot and Why the Wait Is Over

In episode 42 of “Inside Dynamics Communities,” Ryan Gonzales, Senior Sales Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, host Chris Cognetta, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, congruentX.

The three discuss all things Microsoft Copilot and its inclusion in Dynamics 365 CE/CRM, and why the time for AI adoption is now.

This episode is sponsored by Community Summit North America, the largest independent gathering of the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem, taking place Oct. 13-17, 2024, in San Antonio, Texas. Register today to connect with thousands of users across the Microsoft business applications ecosystem at the for user, by user event.


00:50 — congruentX is a Microsoft Gold Partner and the company focuses on CRM adoption, primarily around how the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) can use the infrastructure as a revenue platform.

01:58 — Chris explains that congruentX started “really early in the adoption curve” of Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 CE/CRM. The reason is that people “really don’t like doing CRM,” so the team was looking for ways to provide users with solutions to increase productivity. He notes that companies that do not adopt artificial intelligence or Microsoft Copilot will quickly lose their competitive advantage.

07:35 — Being responsible with AI is a responsibility that falls on everyone, explains Chris. From an IT perspective, leaders “want to make sure they’re logged in with their corporate domain credentials when accessing those tools.” The key, he explains, is that “it’s within your tenant.” Another aspect of responsible AI is “not allowing that automation to go out.”

11:38 — End-users are being forced to change their approach to how they think about new technology. As it relates to Copilot and artificial intelligence solutions, “stop thinking about the dollars.” One way to justify adding extra costs to a business is to focus on the ROI, which will extract costs.

14:36 — Right now, Copilot is adding value to CRM systems. From a time-saving perspective in addition to other benefits, AI is making fundamental changes to business.

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