How Total Door Systems Utilizes Dynamics GP

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In this Community Summit North America 2022 News Desk, Jeanne Kitchen, Chief Operating Officer, Total Door Systems, and Aaron Back, VP/Principal Analyst, Acceleration Economy Analyst Network, discuss how the company utilizes Dynamics GP, which is integrated with an MRP and CPQ system.


00:38 – Jeanne Kitchen has been with Total Door Systems for over seven years. She started as a controller and moved into her current role as Chief Operating Officer five years ago. Total Door Systems makes fire and smoke containment doors that man doors. The company’s specialty is “saving lives.”

02:31 – Using Microsoft applications is a journey for business users – oftentimes, an organization is looking to switch from one Microsoft application to another, upgrade their current application, or learn how to take advantage of a new application. Where does Total Door Systems fall within this category?

03:04 – Currently, Total Door Systems is looking to optimize its current Microsoft platform, Dynamics GP. A part of Kitchen’s job is to take the company’s existing technology, integrate it, and “make it better.” The company currently uses material requirements planning (MRP) software to track inventory and uses a configure, price, quote (CPQ) system in its sales and order processing.

04:39 – Total Door Systems has a vast inventory list that includes thousands of items. Inventory tracking for specific door parts – and automation in general – will greatly benefit the company’s inventory tracking efforts.

05:45 – What is Kitchen looking forward to about Community Summit North America 2022? Kitchen is most excited to connect with attendees who worked to put the company’s MRP in place. As it relates to processing times, the MRP has drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to track inventory.

08:02 – Total Door System’s CPQ program is integrated into Dynamics GP which allows for optimized forecasting capabilities. The system allows Total Door Systems to see a customer’s quote, order raw materials, and be better prepared for building when the time comes.

09:04 – For Total Door Systems, implementing an MRP has dramatically improved its relationships with vendors.

09:45 – What is Kitchen excited to learn that she can take back to her company?

09:57 – Kitchen was excited to learn more tips for Dynamics GP since the company “is not always aware of what they already have.” Kitchen feels that she needs to work as smart as she can, not harder, since Total Door Systems is not a large company.

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