Dynamic Communities Introduces UG AI Assistant for Community Training & Education Site

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May 14, 2024, Scottsdale, AZDynamic Communities, the largest independent innovation, education, and training platform for Microsoft business applications, is releasing a new User Group (UG) AI Assistant, a private instance Open AI ChatGPT for Dynamics Communities user group members delivering tips, tutorials and how-to answers to the most frequently asked message board questions (get started now by tapping here).

“The UG AI Assistant is part of the Dynamic Communities year-round engagement strategy for users and partners in the Microsoft business applications ecosystem,” said John Siefert, CEO of Dynamic Communities, “we have been training the UG AI Assistant based on the decade’s worth of knowledge from the UG Experts, education session transcripts from Community Summit NA, message board answers and the how-to articles and videos posted on dynamicscommunities.com over the past 18-months.”

With thousands of data points exclusively sourced from over 20,000 articles, videos, message board entries, transcripts, and more, the UG AI Assistant is a “for user, by user” tool that will continue to be trained the more and more the community uses it — just like we have experienced with open LLM models, but only sourcing data from dynamicscommunities.com.

“We are not replacing traditional message boards with the UG AI Assistant, they will remain active” said DCI COO Danielle Dunlap, “and as the community posts questions and answers there, the best answers as declared by the community will then be made available in the UG AI Assistant.”

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Try our UG AI Assistant now

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The UG AI Assistant is included in individual, corporate, and enterprise Dynamics Communities membership plans, priced at $49, $499, and $999 respectively, the proceeds of which are used to pay UG Experts, host the Summit NA Roadshow meetings (which are free monthly community events that include lunch) and produce the articles, podcasts, video-courses, and guidebooks that are exclusively available on the site for members.

The UG AI Assistant is a key part of the Dynamic Communities year-round engagement plan for the Microsoft business applications community, with includes:

  • Summit NA Roadshow: Monthly events delivering single-day regional training and education for Dynamics, Power Platform, and Copilot users in cities around the nation with general sessions and product-specific breakout rooms
  • Copilot Summit NA: Spring event delivering AI-first innovation, education, and training to define the opportunities, impact, and outcomes possible with Microsoft Copilot for mid-market & enterprise companies
  • Biz Apps Partner Summit NA: Summer event delivering the first Microsoft fiscal year in-person gathering for consultants, systems integrators, and ISVs focused on scaling their practice and dazzling customers
  • Community Summit NA: Fall event delivering the largest independent innovation, education, and training user conference for Microsoft business applications featuring expert users, Microsoft leaders, MVPs, and partners
  • Dynamics Communities website: Always on member-based Microsoft business applications learning destination for tips, tricks, tutorials, and how-to articles, podcasts, on-demand education, guidebooks, and the UG AI Assistant

If you would be interested in becoming a member of Dynamics Communities, please find the details on our “membership” page on the site, and feel free to try the UG AI Assistant prior to becoming a member for free on the site to help make your decision to join.

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