Copilot Tip of the Week: Working with Intelligent Recap Inside Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Copilot

In this Copilot “Tip of the Week,” AI Expert Aaron Back explains the AI-powered feature in Microsoft Teams, “Intelligent Recap.”

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01:01 — Within Microsoft Teams, there is an AI-powered feature called Intelligent Recap, which uses AI to deliver meeting transcripts, AI-generated notes, meeting summaries, and suggested next tasks.

03:21 — Additionally, Intelligent Recap also has a Notes area for human-generated notes, that users can collaborate on during a meeting. Aaron notes that it’s useful to cross-reference these notes with the AI-generated ones.

04:54 — In addition to Intelligent Recap in Microsoft Teams, there are also Copilot capabilities — both of which are AI-powered, but serve two different purposes. For example, Intelligent Recap:

  • Captures meeting notes
  • Creates follow-up steps
  • Find times in the meeting relevant to you

On the other hand, Copilot in Microsoft Teams can:

  • Help you stay on topic
  • Generate content from meeting summaries
  • Provide information about the agenda and participant goals
  • Transcribe meetings

07:27 — Something to note about the Intelligent Recap features inside of Microsoft Teams is that it requires Microsoft Teams Premium. If you have Premium, it will require a system admin to enable these functionalities for your system.

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