Copilot Podcast: How Copilot and Microsoft Sustainability Manager Surface ESG Insights

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 13 of the “Copilot Podcast,” host Aaron Back discusses the new Copilot capabilities embedded into Microsoft’s Sustainability Manager and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

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00:37 — Recently, Microsoft announced new data and AI capabilities inside its Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability that offer the functionality organizations need to progress in their sustainability journey. More specifically, the goal of this annoucement is to equip companies with the insights needed to be proactive in their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts through technologies including Microsoft Fabric, Azure, and Copilot.

01:42 — At the center, there are four key capabilities. First is the ESG Data State, which helps centralize ESG data. Second is Microsoft Azure Emissions Insight, which enables organizations to report and analyze emissions and resource levels. Third is Environmental Metrics and Analytics, which generates reports measuring various factors including water, carbon, and waste levels. The final capability, Social and Governance Metrics and Reports, provides insights, dashboards, and metrics to support your needs across various sustainability directives.

03:13 — To achieve all this, Microsoft has rolled out a Copilot within Sustainability Manager to “ease the burden of trying to surface all that complex data” that has three core capabilities:

  • Query data with Copilot
  • Generate preparation reports with Copilot
  • Create calculation models

04:44 — Aaron notes the importance of using Microsoft Copilot as a way to track, measure, and perform against specific ESG and sustainability goals, and shares a few questions to consider prior to implementing Copilot into an ESG framework.

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