Copilot Podcast: A Deeper Dive into the Expanding Copilot Ecosystem

Microsoft Copilot

Welcome to the “Copilot Podcast,” where you’ll learn what’s new in the community and what’s going on in the world of Microsoft Copilot and the AI ecosystem, hosted by Aaron Back. 

In episode 2, Aaron goes into detail about the expanding Copilot ecosystem, and emphasizes why now is the time to create governance around artificial intelligence (AI).

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00:45In episode 1, Aaron outlined Microsoft’s efforts to expand the Copilot ecosystem. In this episode, Aaron dives further into these areas. Before he does, he shares a quote that was expressed at the recent Microsoft Ignite conference: “Microsoft Copilot empowers every end user.” This, he explains, will be an ongoing focus of this podcast series.

01:29 — When reviewing the information shared at Microsoft Ignite, Aaron was struck by a slide that Microsoft shared about extending Copilot. As someone who is not a pro developer, this caught his eye because “this means that anyone could create an extension and publish it for others to use. Additionally, this means that the democratization of the process for AI can really be open to anyone within the organization.” Similarly, with GitHug Copilot, Microsoft states that developers can code 55x faster.

02:30 — Aaron shares a few examples of how Azure Copilot can help answer cloud-related questions.

“What I like about [it is] that it really helps developers understand the resources within their ecosystem of technology to ensure that the application they’re creating has the necessary resources that they can tap into.”

Additionally, for customer service teams, Copilot integrates with CRM and ERP systems.

03:50 — The intent of Microsoft Copilot is not to take over all human action — people will continue to be at the front of this technology. In closing, Aaron emphasizes that now is the time to put AI governance in place to ensure people remain at the forefront.

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