Rolls-Royce Thrives with Power Platform, Versapay Hits 1M Customers, KwikTag Announces New Pricing

In episode 4 of the “Inside Dynamics Communities” Podcast, John Siefert, CEO, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, Ryan Gonzalez, Sales Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, explore customer successes of KwikTag and Versapay, and define how Rolls-Royce is thriving by transforming with Power Platform.


00:07 — John asks Ryan to kick off the conversation by informing users of “some of the things going on at Versapay.” Ryan explains how Versapay recently signed its millionth client which is a significant milestone for the company. Achieving this demonstrates how Versapay is increasingly growing and “speaks volumes to how smaller businesses can play the same game as big enterprises.”

01:51 — Ryan has been spending time looking at Versapay customer successes, and John asks him to share his learnings.

02:30 — One of Versapay’s customers, Shop One, noted how with Versapay, the company is able to see its receivables balance get lower and lower while also increasing its cash flow.

02:58 Automating financial systems has become crucial in the payment processes that run businesses today. Versapay’s solutions enable organizations to “do more with less” which is key. Ryan notes that the focus of transitioning from a cloud business model is “no longer a nice to have. It is essential for securing businesses in this new, hybrid world.”

04:16 — Microsoft has a significant cybersecurity business worth $20 billion. Its cybersecurity solutions are integrated into various financial systems and platforms like Power Platform.

05:09 — Pam shares some updates about the company KwikTag. The company is moving to a usage-based pricing mode. At any business, “cash is King,” notes Pam. Specifically, controlling cash flow to optimize businesses is crucial.

06:29 — John notes how decreasing complexities around financial management is “a big thing for users.” Both Versapay and KwikTag are successfully reducing the complexity of financial management by automating the processes and making financial data available to those who need it.

07:30 — Another story of success comes from Rolls-Royce, a massive company in the automotive industry. Aside from cars, the company is involved in aerospace and defense projects. Rolls-Royce recently went through a major transformation using Power Platform specifically, Power BI and Power Automate.

08:10 — Rolls-Royce defined that they’ve delivered value to the business of over $8 million euros. Power Platform is accounting for 30% of all training at Rolls-Royce. The company’s Senior Software Engineer noted that it is essential for staff to become highly literate and skilled in Power Platform and its features. Power Platform’s use of low-code/no-code means the company can significantly reduce the time of its business processes.

09:05 — The democratization of Power Platform that Rolls-Royce is undergoing is shifting the culture of the company, allowing people to be “in control of their own destinies” and solve their own problems. Decentralizing the intelligence of these platforms means employees can do more with less. The low-code/no-code solutions in Power Platform are “baked” with cybersecurity, which is a “win-win” for users.

10:44 The Call for Proposals for Community Summit NA 2023 is now available on and on the Community Summit 2023 site. Those interested in leading a presentation can submit a proposal to do so.

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