From Community Summit to a Career in Tech

In 2023, I worked towards a career transition in the tech industry, and during that time, I was presented with two incredible opportunities. The first one was my acceptance to the TechFluent Academy, as joining the 2023 Spring Cohort proved to be a life-changing experience. TechFluent offered a comprehensive training program that not only enhanced my technical skills but also provided invaluable insights into non-technical aspects such as getting through obstacles, time management, organizational skills, and SMART goal setting.

In my technical experience, I have gained exceptional knowledge on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, which enabled me to complete two projects based on these topics. After graduating TechFluent, I got a second opportunity which was completely unexpected. This opportunity was to attend Community Summit North America 2023, which was held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At this event, I was one of the thirteen scholarship winners from TechFluent Academy to attend. At Community Summit, I learned about much more than Microsoft Business Applications and other tech-related topics. Specifically, I learned about Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamic 365 from multiple professionals and also took AI courses. In this journey, most of the presentations were real-world scenarios and showed how to solve challenges. Lastly, I was able to make connections with multiple companies and networked with them by meeting the presenters and participants.

Throughout this journey, there were companies who sponsored the TechFluent cohort and there were also dedicated volunteers who guided us throughout the events. Currently, I am job hunting for work that will allow me to apply my skills to whatever it is that I am doing.

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