A Transformative Journey: Reflecting on Community Summit North America 2023

Community Summit North America

Attending Community Summit North America 2023 in Charlotte, NC this past October was nothing short of a transformative experience, especially with the added excitement of the AI Summit Preconference. From the moment I stepped in, the warmth of the community enveloped me; everyone, seasoned professionals and fellow learners alike, exuded a welcoming spirit that set the tone for an enriching event.

The diverse sessions I attended were a treasure trove of knowledge. From deep dives into Microsoft
Business Applications to insightful discussions on industry trends, each session left me with valuable
insights. The AI Summit Preconference stood out as a highlight, offering a fascinating glimpse into
the future of technology.

Little did I know that Community Summit North America held more than just knowledge for me. During the TechFluent speed networking event, I had the pleasure of meeting several potential hiring managers, including Jason Bell from Elevate Digital. Our conversation during the speed networking was so impactful that it led to a second panel interview the next day, ultimately resulting in my landing the role of Associate Consultant at Elevate Digital. The excitement of stepping into a new professional chapter was heightened by the welcoming atmosphere at Elevate Digital. The team’s friendliness mirrored that of Community Summit, creating a seamless transition into my new role.

To add a crowning touch, I now have the incredible opportunity to work under Ashley Steiner, one of
TechFluent’s leadership members, at Elevate. Ashley has been incredibly helpful, providing the guidance
and support needed to navigate my role seamlessly. I am profoundly thankful for Ashley’s mentorship,
which has been a beacon of support in my journey.

In this moment of gratitude, I want to extend a special thank you to TechFluent for making this opportunity available. The chance to attend Community Summit North America, experience the enriching AI Summit Preconference, and subsequently secure a position at Elevate Digital has been a game-changer for me, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of TechFluent. A heartfelt appreciation also goes to Dynamics Communities and Ludia Consulting for sponsoring the scholarship, turning this journey from a dream into a reality.

As I embark on this new chapter with Elevate Digital, I carry with me not just technical knowledge but the warmth and support of a community that believes in continuous learning and growth. Here’s to a year of sharing more insights and experiences with the incredible community!

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