Lindsey Donna Della Shares How Sunstate Equipment Uses Dynamics 365 CE/CRM

In this Community Summit North America 2022 News Desk, Lindsey Della Donna, Customer Relationship Marketing Manager, Sunstate Equipment, and Aaron Back, VP/Principal Analyst, Acceleration Economy Analyst Network discuss how the company is utilizing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement / CRM.


00:28 – Sunstate Equipment is a national company that was founded in Arizona 45 years ago. The company rents equipment to commercial and residential construction companies.

01:43 – Where does Sunstate Equipment exist within the use of Microsoft applications?

01:51 – Sunstate Equipment has been using Dynamics 365 CE/CRM for many years and recently migrated to the cloud. The goal with both initiatives is to enable seamless collaboration across all divisions and departments.

02:48 – Currently, the company utilizes the Dynamics Customer Engagement platform and is looking to transition to Dynamics CRM for Marketing. The company is “starting to dabble” with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, as well.

03:14 – Sunstate Equipment uses Rental Man which is directly integrated into its Dynamics system.

03:45 – How does Donna Della feel about the company’s transition to the cloud? Donna Della notes that she is excited about the company’s switch to the cloud because its on-premise systems felt “behind the times.” Since Microsoft systems can be easily adapted to the cloud, the company has found that it truly benefits from this transition.

05:05 – What is Donna Della most excited about as it relates to Community Summit North America 2022?

05:16 – At events such as Community Summit North America 2022, attendees have the experience to dive into the things they truly care about – the users leading sessions also share the same passions and interests. Donna Della is excited to visit the Expo Hall and meet other vendors as an opportunity to “see what’s out there.” At Community Summit North America 2022, everyone is “speaking the same language” and understands each other.

07:06 – Donna Della is focused on sales and marketing alignment and data governance. Having attended Summit for the last five years, Donna Della says there are certain sessions led by specific people that she never misses.

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