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The Dynamics GP General Session during Community Summit North America 2023, in addition to the survey results on the current landscape of the product, suggests that the future of Dynamics GP is still bright!

This article covers how current Dynamics GP customers responded to both our online, and live, in-person surveys, about the future of their Dynamics GP system. We asked our Dynamics GP customers to complete two surveys regarding the current state of the Dynamics GP customers.

If the loyal customers of Dynamics GP are the body and soul of Dynamics GP, then the ISVs and partners are its heart.

The first three-question survey was completed “live” at the Dynamics GP General Session during Community Summit North America 2023, which took place on Oct. 18, 2023 in Charlotte, NC.

The second survey was an anonymous survey, available online from September through the end of November, through the Dynamics Communities website, Nanook Software website, and LinkedIn.

As promised, here are the summarized results.

Dynamics GP General Session Survey

During the Dynamics GP General session, Bob McAdam and Carol Livingston asked the audience to answer three simple questions. We received 316 responses from the live audience.

Q: Have you been told Dynamics GP is going away?

An overwhelming 84% perceived through one source or another, that Dynamics GP was “going away.” This is NOT true.

In a future post, I will dive into more details about the “fact vs misperception” as it relates to the future of Dynamics GP, but rest assured, Dynamics GP is NOT going away anytime soon.

What this response tells us is that the Dynamics GP customer has been receiving erroneous communications that Dynamics GP is going to be ending soon. These communication errors have been, identified as originating from product competitors, rival partners, and even the customers’ own partners.

Microsoft would like to move customers to their newest cloud-based ERP system, Business Central, which they have been aggressively promoting; offering large up-front discounts/incentives to partners and customers to make the switch, but Dynamics GP is still available.

Q: Are you committed to staying with Dynamics GP?

As suggested by the 2023 GP General session, 67% of the respondents indicated they were committed to staying with Dynamics GP. (These results are slightly lower than the online Dynamics GP Future’s So Bright survey, where 75% reported that they were committed to staying.)

It does show that overall, the commitment level for Dynamics GP is strong.

Q: How long do you believe Microsoft will support Dynamics GP on the Modern Life Cycle Policy?

93% of users believe Microsoft is committed to keeping Dynamics GP on the Modern Life Cycle for at least the next 5 years. During the on-stage Fireside Chat during the Dynamics GP General Session, Microsoft’s Mike Morton reiterated this commitment.

This assurance should make you comfortable that your investment in the Dynamics GP product is secure.

Dynamics GP Future’s So Bright – Survey

From September 2023 to the end of November 2023, we offered a totally anonymous survey to gauge the Current State of the Dynamics GP Customer. This survey was available on the Dynamics Communities website, Nanook Software website, and via LinkedIn. A total of 7 questions were asked, and we received a total of 370 responses over that 3-month period.

Q: What version of Dynamics GP is your company currently using?

From the respondents, 52% are on the newest version of Dynamics GP (GP2023 – 18.5) and over 87% are on the Modern Life Cycle (GP2020 – 18.2+).

As a partner, this is great to see! It means that our customers have a vested interest in staying current on the product, implementing the advantages of upgrades, and recognizing Dynamics GP as an invaluable tool for their company.

Q: If you are on GP2018 (18.0) or older Why?

Of the 370 respondents, only 47 were not on the Modern Life Cycle.

The most common ranked-order reason given (44%) for not upgrading, was that “it just works” as it is.

The second most common reasons (both tied at 19%) were the “Cost of the Upgrade” and “Other.”

For these customers, Dynamics GP and the version they are using works. They are satisfied with no desire to change. This goes to show the longevity of the Dynamics GP product for the customer.

Q: How committed is your company to Dynamics GP (looking to move to different ERP)?

Looking into the commitment the respondents demonstrate for the Dynamics GP product, we still see that over 75% of them report no plans to leave Dynamics GP anytime soon.

Q: How many third-party vendor add-ons (ISVs) do you use with your Dynamics GP?

Third-party add-ons and the ability to customize Dynamics GP have always been one of its top-selling points. Customers both desire and embrace this feature.

Over 90% of the respondents have third-party add-ons and/or customizations integrated into their system to make it work more efficiently for their company.

Q: Are these third-party vendor (ISV) integrations/customizations mission-critical to your business?

Over 90% of the respondents reported that the third-party add-ons/customizations are mission-critical to running their business. These may be out of the box or other highly specialized, individual customizations. Either way, these customizations are critical, and a fundamental reason why thousands of customers can’t easily flip to another ERP system, nor do they want to. They like how their customized business processes function and appreciate the effective end results of their current GP system.

Q: Do you currently pay for Microsoft Annual Software Renewal (Software Assurance)?

I have to say this was a very pleasant surprise for me.

We have always reminded our customers that if we want Microsoft to keep improving the Dynamics GP product, we need to pay those yearly support fees, and over 88% of our respondents do. Thank you for that!

Q: Where do you get your Dynamics GP support?

Interestingly, more than 59% of our respondents have their own in-house expert support. The second most popular support source is the Internet (including sites like ours here at Dynamics Communities), followed by support by partners at 30%.

Significantly, customers report they do not call Microsoft, which does make sense when having a strong and knowledgeable partner and community support system, like we have available through the Dynamics GP User Group.

Q: Have you cleaned up/optimized your Dynamics GP in the past few years?

For the 60% who have, great job! This is a good start. But a whopping 40% of the respondents have NOT optimized or cleaned up their Dynamics GP system. Perhaps, we as a community have not communicated strongly enough as to how and why this is essential for the continued effective functioning of your ERP system.

I would vigorously recommend that you look at the different resources, available both online and as well as those available from the many partners to clean up and improve your Dynamics GP systems and environments.

Customer Survey Open Comments

These are just some of the open comments people provided through the survey.

Respondents committed to Dynamics GP:

  • Thanks for the survey. I hope it makes a difference with Microsoft
  • Thank you for supporting the GP community
  • GP is our Ride or Die app
  • GP 2030!
  • We are absolutely committed to GP!
  • The process of trying to replace GP And our ISV solutions would take over a year and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We see no point in doing this as long as GP continues to meet the needs of our business (which it currently does). GP is our Ride or Die.
  • We <3 GP!
  • Software working very good. No problems
  • When we are forced to move off of GP, we will not stay with Microsoft. We do not like the way they have tried to force BC on everyone. It was just shading and bad business.
  • GP is the cash cow that helps pay for the other Microsoft initiatives. Keep it going!
  • We don’t want GP to go away!
  • Great Plains is perfect for our business. And we love Keel & Company. Hopefully they are both around for a long time to come.
  • Highly customized for our needs, any replacement is going to be tough!
  • Been using GP for 20 years or more. Why move? It works great for our business.
  • I currently have no plan to change, hope I never need to. But honestly, the most important part like I have found with most software that I use in all areas of business, is the Value Added Reseller, or as y’all may refer to as the GP Consultant/Partner. What makes us successful using GP is the working relationship we have with our VAR. I am aware that there are other ways to do the same thing, in the end accounting is accounting, but we must have someone we can work with.
  • We are using Dynamics GP 10+ years in a process manufacturing environment, and it works fine. Business Central does not offer a solution without expensive manufacturing add-ons. So, no immediate plans to migrate. And, when it happens, it won’t be BC.
  • “GP ’till we die. I’ve looked at NetSuite, SysPro and BC. NONE… I repeat NONE of these even come close to accommodating our needs and none would be an upgrade. It would be a financial sinkhole and set us back light years. GP is ugly as hell but is a great on-prem accounting storage/management system and the open-nature of it with key ISVs make it a home run. I will be the last GP user on the planet.
  • We run payroll through GP, so moving to BC is not an option unless we unload the payroll processing to a 3rd party.
  • Need plan to move to power apps with dynamics gp
  • Dynamics GP is solid. Our business depends on it. We also depend on ISV software from XXX to run our field service operation. I think XXX is also compatible with QuickBooks. We do not want to go to QB!!! It would not be a good fit for us. for many reasons – starting with weak sales tax support and really bad customization options. However, we need XXX more than we need a specific accounting solution. We can get the accounting functionality from several vendors – but XXX caters to our industry and gives us great support. Please keep Dynamics GP moving forward and supported.
  • Until another product offers the flexibility and availability of solutions that GP does it isn’t feasible for a small to mid-size business already established on GP to make the switch.

Respondents moving off Dynamics GP in the next 3 years:

  • We are moving off the GP platform. It was a good ride, but the technology in today’s web based product is far superior.
  • We have decided to migrate to a modern cloud based solution.
  • With Microsoft euthanizing a great product and with the support team dwindling down, it’s too hard to get support direct from Microsoft. When we move, it will be to a product not owned by Microsoft. They’ve proven not to care about the little guy.
  • Very concerned about the future of this product. Cannot believe this is where M$oft is going…

Final Thoughts

At this time, it is estimated, and commonly agreed upon by partners, that there are approximately 20,000-35,000 Dynamics GP customers. The total number of Dynamics GP customers is not available to the public.

So based on our best estimates, our survey represents 1.5% of the Dynamics GP population.

In summation, of the customers staying with Dynamics GP, 75% indicate they are committed to the Dynamics GP ecosystem and its Partners/ISVs for the long term.

In a subsequent article, I will address both the commitment to and future of Dynamics GP, from not only Microsoft’s point of view but also from the perspective shared by the ISVs and partners of the Dynamics GP product.

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