How ExFlow Builds Upon Standard Functionality of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Business Central

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations User Group

In the dynamic landscape of ERP systems, ExFlow AP from SignUp Software stands out as a sophisticated and innovative invoice automation software. Designed to streamline the accounts payable (AP) process within Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and BC, ExFlow AP’s core functionalities include:

  • Efficient and Accurate Invoice Capture: Utilizing powerful optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract data from invoices, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors.
  • Automated Invoice Approval Workflow: Enabling easy routing of invoices to the appropriate approvers based on predetermined rules, ensuring timely approvals and preventing bottlenecks.
  • Built into D365 F&O and BC – No integrations necessary: Allowing for real-time synchronization of invoice data and status updates without manual intervention.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Providing insights into the AP process, including metrics on invoice processing times and approval rates, aiding in decision-making.

Teleperformance Case Study Highlights Power of ExFlow

Teleperformance, a global digital business services company, conducted a thorough evaluation of ExFlow to see if it could streamline invoice processing in different regions. The goal was to decide if ExFlow should be part of their global template for the F&O roll-out. By comparing invoice processing times and methods in the Nordics, UK, and France, Teleperformance aimed to measure the efficiency and accuracy improvements offered by ExFlow.

Benefits and Results

Significantly Reduced Manual Data Entry

A key advantage of integrating ExFlow with F&O is the substantial decrease in manual data entry. ExFlow’s advanced OCR technology ensures highly accurate invoice data capture, saving time and minimizing the risk of human error.

Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency

ExFlow’s automated solutions significantly enhance accuracy and efficiency in the accounts payable process. The system adeptly manages both perfect (three-way matching) and imperfect (agreement- based) scenarios, ensuring seamless invoice processing regardless of complexity.

Streamlined Approval Workflow

The automated invoice approval workflow provided by ExFlow facilitates faster invoice approvals, reducing processing times and improving overall AP efficiency. This streamlined process minimizes bottlenecks and ensures that invoices are routed to the right approvers promptly.

Detailed Insights and Analytics

ExFlow provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, equipping businesses with crucial insights into their accounts payable processes. Metrics such as invoice processing times, approval rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) support strategic decision-making and process optimization.

No Integrations Necessary – Built into the ERP

ExFlow AP is built into the ERP systems, which means no integrations are necessary. ExFlow with F&O and BC guarantees real-time data synchronization and status updates, removing the necessity for manual intervention. This boosts operational efficiency and enhances data accuracy within the ERP system.

Teleperformance’s Transformation with ExFlow

Teleperformance, boasting around 500,000 employees, services in 300 languages, and operations in over 100 countries, exemplifies the transformative power of ExFlow.

Challenges and Objectives

Teleperformance encountered the complex task of streamlining invoice processing across multiple countries, each with distinct legal requirements and operational nuances. The goal was to boost efficiency, lessen the manual workload, and comply with legal obligations, all while upholding a global standard of excellence.

Exploring the Benefits of ExFlow

Since 2011, Nordic companies within Teleperformance have leveraged ExFlow to achieve significant process automation. In 2020, Matthew Cuthill, Director of Digital Transformation at Teleperformance, conducted a study to evaluate the benefits of ExFlow across various regions.

Study Findings:

  • Nordics: 4 minutes per invoice using ExFlow Data Capture (OCR) + ExFlow + Dynamics ERP Standard.
  • UK: 11 minutes per invoice using ExFlow Data Capture (OCR) + Dynamics ERP Standard.
  • France: 17 minutes per invoice using Dynamics ERP Standard (no OCR).

The data revealed significant efficiency improvements through automation. Consequently, Teleperformance incorporated ExFlow into their global template and deployed ExFlow Data Capture and ExFlow across their operations. In France, three out of four employees who initially managed invoices were able to redirect their efforts towards more strategic initiatives, highlighting the efficiency and productivity enhancements delivered by ExFlow.

Enhanced Financial Analysis and Supplier Relationship Management

The shift from manual processing to automated solutions allowed employees to engage in more value- added activities:

  • Enhanced Financial Analysis: Employees could focus on deriving insights from financial data, influencing strategic decision-making.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Strengthened relationships with suppliers by negotiating favorable terms and ensuring timely payments.

Outcome and Recommendations

The study underscored the necessity of automation in the invoicing workflow, revealing notable gains in efficiency, improved process control, and heightened regulatory compliance for finance teams. It recommended further automation and the broader adoption of tools such as ExFlow Data Capture and ExFlow AP across more regions and countries within Teleperformance’s operations.

Since the study was performed, ExFlow AP is now live in 14 countries.

Considerations for Teleperformance and ExFlow

As Teleperformance continues to expand and optimize its operations, ExFlow and Dynamics 365 F&O remain foundational to their pursuit of enhanced efficiency and accuracy in AP workflows. In the coming years, key priorities for Teleperformance include implementing e-invoicing and adapting to country-specific mandates for both incoming and outgoing invoices. ExFlow and Dynamics 365 F&O are dedicated to supporting Teleperformance in these endeavors, including navigating Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) processes in Europe.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ExFlow AP builds upon the standard functionality of F&O and BC by significantly reducing time spent on invoice capturing and improving the overall AP process. By leveraging advanced OCR technology, automated approval workflows, and real-time data synchronization, ExFlow AP enhances operational efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making capabilities within enterprises. The success story of Teleperformance illustrates the transformative potential of ExFlow AP, making it an invaluable asset for businesses looking to streamline their invoice processing and achieve greater efficiency.

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