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Strategy, Planning, & Execution of: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations/Supply Chain Cloud ERP Migration

What's Inside

Undertaking a cloud migration can be overwhelming and riddled with challenges, such as changing requirements during the product lifecycle, or effectively communicating the project scope to all key stakeholders. That’s why Acceleration Economy and Dynamics Communities has crafted this comprehensive guidebook, Mastering Cloud ERP Migration: A Comprehensive Guide to D365 Finance and Operations Supply Chain Integration. It’s a detailed resource that offers extensive assistance and friendly guidance at every step of your cloud migration journey.

The guidebook covers all aspects of cloud migration to D365FO (Supply Chain), from planning and preparation to implementation and post-migration support. Each section is broken down into key topics, providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully migrate. You’ll find strategies for seamless data migration, implementation of automation tools, and establishment of robust cybersecurity measures, along with comprehensive training and education programs for users, all illustrated by detailed case studies and real-world examples.

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