Why Avoiding Data Duplication is Crucial For Business Operations

In this Community Summit North America 2022 moment, Ryan Pennett, Vice President of Business Development, QWARE, discusses the importance of data quality.


00:18 – Data has to be high quality in order to not have inaccurate, missing, or duplicate data in a system. If the data is not compliant, there will be issues within the system.

00:57 – Data must be updated and accurate in the system – old contact should be removed. Consistency across all of the systems is crucial.

01:14 – Duplicate data in a system may be a challenge, but it is conquerable. Duplicate data in a system that uses automation can become challenging because certain marketing tools will send multiple emails to the same contact. This can also be costly.

02:58 – Having the same data spread across multiple systems is frustrating for the user and customer. It represents a lack of confidence in the organization and the data system.

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