All Things Dynamics Business Central with Accelerynt

In episode 38 of “Inside Dynamics Communities,” Ryan Gonzales, Senior Sales Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, host Steve Chinsky, Director of Dynamics Practice, Accelerynt.

The three discuss all things Business Central, including the biggest trends and how to optimize Business Central to enhance company operations.


01:44 — Steve speaks to some of the biggest trends in the Dynamics Business Central world. First, he notes the lingering question from users “Why should I go to the cloud?” In his opinion, he explains, there are huge differences between on-premises systems and cloud-based systems, and more specifically Business Central and NAV or Dynamics GP. He also notes the promise of the cloud as it relates to cost savings, functionality, available features, and instantaneous updates.

07:20 — A focus that is top-of-mind for many companies who are currently running older software is “What am I going to do with my company?” In order to prepare to make this decision and optimize their current systems, Steve encourages teams to do their homework or find a subject expert who can educate businesses on various solutions, including Microsoft Fabric. Steve’s podcast, “BC 3 Amigos,” is aimed at educating users on what these tools and solutions are in order to reduce the complexities that surround them.

10:45 — Ryan and Pam share examples of reasons that businesses are prompted to upgrade their systems or move to the cloud. Though an existing solution may work, it won’t take long before companies feel the need to upgrade their systems or move to a newer system. Similarly, Pam notes the impact that modern reporting tools have on optimizing ERP systems.

14:02 — Steve explains the importance of custom solutions, and how his team at Accelerynt is not trying to sell you a solution you’ll only use 80% of.

“We’re going to tell you exactly what you need, when you need it, and how to use it. Because we’ve been there before, we’ve implemented it.”

15:17 — Another reason to move to the cloud, explains Steve, is that older systems SQL servers don’t update which will cause greater issues down the road.

18:02 — If you have questions relating to system upgrades or shifting to the cloud, drop your questions in the Forums or check out the “BC 3 Amigos” podcast.

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