Copilot Podcast: ServiceNow, Microsoft Partnership Expands Copilot’s Reach

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 33 of the “Copilot Podcast,” AI Expert Aaron Back details how the partnership between ServiceNow and Microsoft is expanding Copilot’s reach.

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01:09 — Microsoft is expanding its partnership with ServiceNow, with generative AI being a core component of this partnership as Microsoft Copilot and ServiceNow Now Assist “bring together the power of two generative AI assistants into one seamless experience. ”

01:45 — Srini Raghavan, Vice President of the Microsoft Teams Ecosystem, attended ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024 event and shared scenarios of how Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft Teams, and Now Assist work together to enhance employee productivity across various teams.

03:04 — Aaron reviews the scenarios that highlight how Copilot and Now Assist knowledge bases are being leveraged and extended.

05:54 — These real-world scenarios bring together not only a partnership between Microsoft and ServiceNow but an integration of multiple technologies that spans across multiple teams. Furthermore, Copilot is continuing to expand across the different Microsoft business applications and creating new means of productivity for end users.

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