Copilot Podcast: Microsoft Unveils New Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 34 of the “Copilot Podcast,” AI Expert Aaron Back shares details on the new Copilot+ PCs which leverage Microsoft Copilot and the latest AI innovations.

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Top Takeaways

  • Microsoft has recently unveiled a new category of Windows PCs designed for AI, called Copilot+ PCs, which signifies a significant step in integrating Copilot technology directly into the hardware of computers.
  • These PCs are equipped with powerful silicon capable of performing 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second), offer all-day battery life, and provide access to sophisticated AI models.
  • Additionally, Microsoft is enhancing existing functionalities and introducing new apps, such as Image Creator, which is getting an upgrade with Cocreator. Cocreator allows users to combine ink strokes with text prompts to generate images in real time.
  • Microsoft’s expanded partnership with Adobe brings Adobe’s flagship applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express to Copilot+ PCs. This collaboration is part of an ongoing effort to optimize these apps for AI.
  • Aaron concludes by posing a few questions to the audience: Do these announcements change your perception or decision-making process when you’re looking for a new laptop?

Stream the audio version of this episode here:

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