CEO Thomas Ajspur on Enavate’s Commitment to Ukraine

In this Community Summit North America 2022 News Desk, Thomas Ajspur, CEO, Enavate, and Aaron Back, VP/Principal Analyst, Acceleration Economy Analyst Network, discuss Ajspur and Enavate’s unwavering passion and commitment to supporting the Ukrainian people during a time of conflict.


00:39 – Born and raised in Denmark, Ajspur has been living in the United States for 11 years. Ajspur has been in the Microsoft Dynamics community since he was 16. Around eight years ago, he decided he wanted to launch his own business based on Microsoft Dynamics – one that represents an empowered culture where people matter and creates a strong Microsoft Dynamics partner – called Enavate, which currently has 425 team members.

02:49 – Aaron asks Ajspur to describe Enavate’s commitment to Ukraine.

03:02 – When Ajspur launched Enavate, he acquired a company – that was co-owned by Microsoft in 2002 – that had 65 team members who were based in Ukraine. A few months after the acquisition, he went to visit Ukraine and “fell in love with the people and the country.” The first two years of the acquisition were a challenging time for the business – money was not being made, and payroll could not be met – but the Ukrainian team members stuck around. They believed in the company’s vision and beliefs. Since then, Ajspur has “been in their corner,” since their work meant so much to him.

05:00 – Dynamics Communities is committed to supporting Ukraine. For those interested in aiding Ukrainian colleagues and their families, donations can be made here.

700+ Dynamics Professionals in Ukraine need your help now. 

We Stand With Ukraine

Please unite in our goal to serve our team members of the Microsoft Dynamics community in Ukraine during war time. The Microsoft Dynamics partner community in Ukraine has been united and we collectively ask you to help take care of our own by donating to help our colleagues, rebuild their lives and realize their futures. Please share to ignite the power of your Microsoft network.

ArganoArbela, Clarity, Enavate, Global Mediator, OntargIT, SIS and SmartBusiness are unified in our goal to serve our team members, their families, and clients in this community at this difficult time.

05:45 – What type of responses has Ajspur received after having reached out to the Ukrainian community?

06:20 – The Dynamics Community in Ukraine consists of over 800 people. Ajspur knew he needed to do something to support them, so he contacted six of Enavate’s biggest competitors to get together to discuss what can be done. Together, the executives collected resources for the Ukrainian people, like therapists and psychologists, and safely relocated many who were in the middle of the country’s conflict.

10:12 – Ajspur instructed his leaders to keep an eye on their Ukrainian colleagues. Business objectives are important and Enavate must serve their clients as best as they can – but people and family come first.

11:32 – Ajspur says he was asked by many if the company should exit Ukraine due to it being “too dangerous.” His answer? Absolutely not. He feels that Ukraine has “already won the war and the heart of the world.”

12:00 – Enavate has hired many Ukrainian people through its graduate program and has extended its hiring to areas of the country in which the crisis is not as prominent, but civilians have still lost their jobs. Some of the company’s funds are allocated to providing Ukrainian people with new skills and bringing them into the Dynamics Community. Enavate is 100% committed to Ukraine and will continue to remain committed.

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