Unifying Compliance, Visibility, and ROTI for End Users and Partners

In episode 25 of “Inside Dynamics Communities,” Ryan Gonzales, Senior Sales Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, host Keith Carman, Vice President, Sales, Unified A/R, and Jason Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, Unified A/R.

In this episode, the group discusses how automating an accounts receivable (A/R) process reduces business complexities. Additionally, Keith and Jason elaborate on Unified A/R’s A/R solutions, specifically focusing on its security and latest integration.


01:57 — As it relates to automating A/R processes, Pam asks Keith and Jason why a company might want to enable this and how secure it is.

03:03 — Unified A/R has a mature platform, explains Jason. The company’s latest integration of its A/R solutions is Business Central. “The method that we’re taking is with webhooks…it is very secure.” When discussing security and compliance, users should look to bring in a payment card industry (PCI). “When you offload this to a company like Unified, you are taking yourself out of scope for PCI and putting it on an expert like us.”

Jason explains how the automated A/R process works. “So once your invoice is created in Business Central, it will then flow over to Unified within minutes, because of all of the tight integration that Business Central allows from us.” There is no hard integration on the part of a client. “There’s not an IT project [needed] to get this set up.”

04:52 — Keith describes how Unified A/R ensures it is backed by a full staff while working with clients with regard to software installation, establishing business rules around the technology, improving workflows and processes, and customer support training.

He highlights how, although this is a very mature product, the “new and exciting thing here” is the Business Central integration. “We can communicate to as close to real on time with information coming back and forth with regards to customer’s invoices going out, notifications to your customers, statements, and then obviously, your customers having the ability to view these invoices in this information 24/7 at anytime” in their portal.

06:26 — Unified A/R’s customers — and their customers — get the transparency and visibility into the A/R process, notes Ryan, to which Keith agrees.

07:07 — Pam describes the customer portal in which clients can log in and view statements and invoices and notes how it greatly reduces complexities. Jason explains how Unified A/R works with a company that specializes in “transactional emails” that deliver daily emails to clients, disclosing their reports and analytics.

Pam expands on how the company’s email and analytics process helps with collections, because it gives clients visibility into the status of payment processes.

12:47 — With Unified A/R’s solution, it offers three electronic payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • ACH/eCheck

Unified A/R is one of the “very few that have a 100% compliant intuitive surcharge calculator… we help you determine what that surcharge is going to be within our system. You can turn that surcharge on or off very easily for each customer.” 99.9% of customers do assess a surcharge, explains Keith. The whole reason for the surcharge is to incentive customers to stray from using this as a form of payment.

When the surcharges were introduced to Unified A/R customers, within the first 3-6 months, 60% of credit card customers moved to ACH/eChecks for their payment methods, “which is extremely beneficial to the merchant because it significantly lowers the overall cost of processing payments.”

16:11 — To schedule your A/R Automation Demo, complete this form.

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