Pax8 and Bam Boom Cloud Partner to Bring Together the Dynamics Community

In episode 37 of “Inside Dynamics Communities,” Ryan Gonzales, Senior Sales Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director of Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, host Craig Donovan, Chief Experience Officer, Pax8.

The three discuss what Pax8 does and its differentiations, its partnership with Bam Boom Cloud, and explore why, and how, the company is 100% partner-focused.


00:41 — Pax8 is a cloud commerce marketplace that makes it easy for “technology professionals, managed service providers (MSPs), and the like, to consume and deliver cloud technology,” explains Craig.

02:00 — Something that makes Pax8 uniquely distinct from other cloud marketplaces is the company’s singular focus on connecting technology professionals with cloud technology. A huge factor in achieving this is partners, which has been a focus of Craig’s for the last several years.

“I think that’s where a lot of that differentiation starts to come into play is enablement. You know, we are laser-focused, not on selling more technology through our partners, but how do we help our partners grow?”

05:20 — In addition to being a connection point for the entire ecosystem, Pax8 also has an “end-user component” in its marketplace. Pax8 is 100% partner-centered, but many consumers are increasingly trying to go directly to vendors, which vendors are referring to as “product-led growth.”

“What we can do is to help identify those end-users that are looking for a partner, that are looking for technology solutions, and then start to connect it back in through this managed service channel that we all exist in today,” explains Craig.

08:28 — Craig explains how the role of a Chief Experience Officer is to listen to the changes in the ecosystem and engage with partners in a way that allows them to provide more feedback.

“That listening gives us this chance to evolve Pax8, alongside the ecosystem, to do it with our partners.”

10:37 — Earlier this year, Pax8 acquired Bam Boom Cloud, a Microsoft Dynamics Services company. Speaking to the effect this partnership has on customers, Craig notes that For a lot of our partners, this became an entry point for some of their customers. And we know this doesn’t solve every customer. But there’s now this accessible, easier way for us to broaden the Dynamics conversation.”

12:18 — The “next wave” of the partnership is to begin to package all of Bam Boom Cloud’s Dynamics expertise into courses that are available in Pax8’s Academy.

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