MVP Insights: Erik Hougaard Defines MVP Journey, Notable Projects, Previews Summit NA Sessions

Welcome to “MVP Insights,” a podcast that explores the universe, ideas, and opportunities of the brightest stars in the Microsoft business applications ecosystem.

In episode 1, John Siefert is joined by Erik Hougaard, CEO, EFOQUS, Microsoft MVP. The two discuss Erik’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP, his areas of expertise and notable projects, and what attendees can expect from his sessions at Community Summit North America 2024.

This episode is sponsored by Community Summit North America, the largest independent gathering of the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem, taking place Oct. 13-17, 2024, in San Antonio, Texas. Register today to connect with thousands of users across the Microsoft business applications ecosystem at the for user, by user event.

Key Takeaways

  • Erik’s MVP journey: Erik has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2014, though he has been in the industry for the last 34 years.
  • Areas of expertise: Whereas some educators make their content highly technical, Erik notes that his primary focus through his content is to make it accessible. He leads a YouTube Channel in which he creates content that is digestible, easy to understand across all skill levels, and entertaining.
  • Notable projects: Erik explains that the definition of an enterprise-sized company is no longer determined by company size, a trend that’s been accelerated by Business Central. There are many small-sized companies that operate with enterprise-level complexity, and these projects are some of the most satisfying to work on. More specifically, he references one of his favorite projects he’s worked on with a company called Pulse Recycle that helps properly track and recycle batteries.
  • Summit sessions: Erik shares details on the sessions he’ll be leading at Community Summit North America, “What’s new in Development for BC25 2024 Wave 2,” and “Ask the Experts – Development & Architecture.”
  • Connect with Erik: Visit his website, YouTube Channel, and the sessions Erik will be presenting at Community Summit North America 2024, which is happening October 13-17 in San Antonio, Texas this year. He encourages you to connect with him on-site and stop by the Tech Medic booths to get the answers to your Dynamics 365 questions.

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