Microsoft’s Charles Lamanna Explains How Artificial Intelligence Represents Shift for Customers, Technology

Microsoft Copilot

In a recent interview with Cloud Wars Founder Bob Evans and Acceleration Economy Editor-in-Chief Tom SmithCharles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Business Apps and Platform, Microsoft, discusses how the artificial intelligence (AI) transformation represents a broad shift for customers and technology.

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00:05 — Microsoft believes that AI represents a platform shift for customers and technology more broadly. “We think there won’t be a future where you really use a CRM or ERP or dev tool that isn’t AI-embedded or has an AI user experience.”

00:21 — Something noteworthy about the AI transformation is how fast its taken place. “It’s not going to be a decade to go from zero to majority.” Microsoft has already released new products and capabilities such as Microsoft Sales Copilot, GitHub Copilot, and Dynamics 365 Copilots.

00:52 — 12 months from now, Charles believes that the “broad collection of Microsoft apps will feel AI-first and AI-enabled. And it will feel like a new type of user experience just that quick.”

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