Biz Apps Partner Podcast: Microsoft’s Dan Rippey on Ecosystem Trends, Microsoft Copilot, Data Security

Welcome to the “Biz Apps Partner Podcast,” a weekly video series designed to decentralize intelligence about how partners can scale their Microsoft practice by having short, to the point discussions with Microsoft leaders in product, engineering, marketing, partner management, programs, and more.

In episode 2, John Siefert, CEO, Dynamics Communities and Community Summit North America is joined by Dan Rippey, Senior Director, Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program | Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft. The two discuss the biggest trends customers are talking to partners about, the impact of Microsoft Copilot and AI on the ecosystem, and data protection.

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01:17 — Dan begins by explaining what his team does — delivering specific partner programs that are relevant to the context of individual businesses, all while meeting an organization where they’re at in making the most of their Microsoft investments. More specifically, this is done in a “language that resonates with customers” and caters to their individual needs.

03:28 — How can you connect with Dan? If you’re attending the Biz Apps Partner Summit on July 24-25 in Bellevue, Washington, you can find him there! He explains that Microsoft’s partner team works inside of its sales team, which drives a “seller mindset.”

“When we think about how we go to market with our partners that we are helping, our goal is to help you close and win new business… the beauty in that is that it reciprocates and is bi-directional.”

The best way to engage with a Microsoft Partner Program is to begin with the end in mind and define where you want to be. “If you’re not there yet, let’s have that conversation.”

07:15 — What are the top trends that customers are trying to work through with their partners? Something that is top of mind for the industry right now is artificial intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Copilot. Dan explains that he has two instances of Dynamics he uses on a daily basis, and the integration of Microsoft Copilot has reduced aspects of his workload from hours to minutes. This applies to deal closures, preparing for calls with customers and partners, and sharing data with sellers.

“It really has pivoted the landscape on our speed to be able to get things done.”

10:37 — John notes how quick the industry has been to adopt generative AI and Microsoft Copilot as “real,” in comparison to over-hyped tech trends in previous decades. As customers work to make sense of these new innovations and apply them to the context of their business, partners are often the first line of opportunity to tell that story.

12:49 — As customers and users are working to get up to speed on Microsoft Copilot or generative AI, what tips does Dan have for “getting there as fast as possible?” First, he notes that it’s not about survival — it’s about transformation. In today’s world, AI touches everything and represents a shift that businesses must be willing to make in order to stay ahead of the competition. He encourages businesses to be ready to shift with the unstoppable force that is generative AI.

19:27 — Not only is the rise of generative AI and solutions like Microsoft Copilot exciting for technologists, but it’s also impacting nearly every industry. John and Dan discuss the legal industry as an example of a sector that may be hesitant to adopt generative AI or Microsoft Copilot, given the sensitivity around data privacy.

“I think that’s something we can get in front of. We can start to…be equipped for those conversations before they come up. There’s more of this conversation than just tech and efficiency. Security tends to be the next most important thing and I would just start there.”

23:28 — Hear more from Dan Rippey at the Biz Apps Partner Summit, taking place July 24-25 in Bellevue, Washington, where he will be participating in a Fireside Chat on the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.

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