AI Summit Pre-Conference at Community Summit North America, Will You Attend?

AI Summit Pre Conference

Artificial intelligence (AI) once seemed like science fiction, capturing our imagination with visions of robots and humanoid computers sometime in the next century. But the realm of AI is not as strange or distant as we thought.

The AI Summit Pre-Conference taking place at Community Summit North America 2023 will demystify AI and illuminate its practical applications. During the day-long event taking place on Monday, Oct. 16, AI experts will break down and explain the various aspects of AI to help attendees understand the present state of the technology. They will also show how to benefit from the technology by integrating AI into your business operations.

Overview of AI Summit Pre-Conference

Here’s what you can expect at the AI Summit Pre-Conference, why you should attend, and how you will benefit:

The agenda for the event centers around four primary objectives:

  • Defining the role of AI (specifically Generative AI/ChatGPT)
  • Demonstrating how Microsoft Copilot works with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • Outlining how users can work efficiently and accomplish more with AI tools
  • Sharing practical ideas and techniques that will benefit your workplace.

Like the main Community Summit event, the AI Pre-Conference will feature speakers from Microsoft and the Microsoft Dynamics user community. The event will kick off with a Keynote panel discussion. Listen to experts who have already implemented AI technology within their companies. They’ll discuss real-world applications, alert you to potential pitfalls, relate the lessons they’ve learned, and much more.

A full agenda of deep-dive workshops is in store for attendees, allowing all to witness Microsoft Copilot in action. We’ll showcase its capabilities and help you see the big picture. You’ll learn to ask the right questions before deciding whether to implement AI technology in your own company.

Understanding Today’s AI

When it comes to artificial intelligence, a lot is happening. AI’s domain encompasses an array of concepts and technologies. From basic AI to more advanced generative AI, like ChatGPT, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Since 2019, Microsoft has made great strides in integrating various AI features across its entire suite of business applications. But the real question is, How can you use AI to bring tangible benefits to your company?”

Introducing Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is a productivity tool that uses AI to automate workflows and generate content. Copilot brings the theories of AI into a practical setting and shows you how to boost productivity and streamline tasks in real-world environments.

The AI Summit Pre-Conference will spotlight how Microsoft Copilot operates within:

The sessions will give the audience a hands-on experience with AI, showing them how to seamlessly integrate it into their existing processes and workflows, enhancing productivity and outcomes.

Don’t miss out on more “For User, By User” insights like this during Community Summit North America, the largest independent gathering of the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem, taking place Oct. 15-20, 2023, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Register today to connect with thousands of users across the Microsoft business applications ecosystem.

Security and AI

Understanding AI extends beyond its business benefits. The AI Summit Pre-Conference will highlight the issue of AI and cybersecurity. With various models of AI (public and private), it’s imperative to comprehend the potential security risks and implications arising from AI use. Security issues are especially important for decision-makers who must consider AI’s influence when evaluating their software choices.

The Future of AI

Artificial intelligence continues to evolve, and there’s much discussion about its potential. The AI Summit Pre-Conference will showcase the current capabilities and explore what’s coming next. Those attending the event will gain insight into AI’s possibilities so they can plan strategically to integrate it into their processes.

Who Should Attend?

The AI Summit will cater to a diverse audience.

  • Functional professionals who typically attend Summit events: The AI content directly relates to them, giving practical solutions they can implement back home.
  • Decision-makers: They often are responsible for selecting software solutions, and a grasp of AI’s context can guide them in making the right choices.
  • Professional and citizen developers: The AI Summit will broaden their horizons, exposing them to AI’s capabilities, Azure integrations, and vast potential within the AI landscape.

A Great Addition to Community Summit 2023

Are you planning to attend the Community Summit NA 2023? You’ll also benefit by attending the AI Pre-Conference. The main event, with over 400 presenters, includes breakout sessions that show the practical uses of Copilot AI technology in the Dynamics 365 environment and Power Platform space. This inclusivity ensures that AI’s benefits reach beyond the tech-savvy and are accessible and relevant to all.

October 16, 2023… Save the Date!

More than an event, the AI Summit Pre-Conference is an opportunity to explore the world of AI within the Microsoft stack comprehensively and practically. Gain insight into the functions of AI, its applications, and its alignment with business strategies. Decision-makers, tech enthusiasts, and end users will find the AI Summit a stepping stone toward better understanding AI’s transformative power and unlocking its boundless potential for your business today.

The cost is $699 for the entire day if you already have a Community Summit pass. If you want to attend only the Pre-Conference, tickets cost $899. Meals will be included with your Pre-Conference ticket. Space is limited, so register today to reserve your place for the AI Summit Pre-Conference on Monday, October 16, 2023.

The ERP/CRM Software Blogs are proud Media Sponsors of Community Summit NA 2023. We hope to see you there.

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