Starbucks’ AI-Powered “Deep Brew” Provides Operational Insights via Microsoft

You’re watching a top moment from the Industry Cloud Battleground Week highlighting the Retail industry. This five-day digital event, which premiered in November 2021, delivered insights to inspire, educate and engage business and technology leaders who are actively defining their industry-specific cloud strategy.


00:09 — As a highly strategic asset, data in the retail industry has grown to generate 40 petabytes per hour. While the volume, velocity, and variety of data continue to expand, it has become increasingly more complicated to understand how to apply data as operational insights.

00:34 — Retail transformation can be measured by a company’s ability to build predictive and analytical power.

00:42 — For example, Starbucks uses an AI solution called “Deep Brew.” With this system, the company applies data on COVID-19 cases to determine how to operate its stores. These operational insights enable the company to make informed decisions on providing the best services post-pandemic.

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