State of RPA Industry Fireside Chat

Kenny Mullican & Peter Joeckel discuss RPA market research.

Watch or listen as 2 industry experts discuss 2021 market research on the state or the RPA industry. Learn where the RPA market is, the challenges the industry is facing, and the benefits it brings.

  • 2:10 – RPA usage among industry – “Really nice looking graph”
  • 6:15 – Challenges/Concerns with RPA
    • 6:45 concerns of job loss – “human can use their brain”
  • 10:30 – Major RPA Benefits
    • “Automation can provide happiness”
    • Boost productivity, reduce costs, improve business outcomes/growth
  • 12:45 – Low Code No Code stuff….

Check out the article “Making Money with RPA for SMBs” for more insight into increasing both productivity and ROI for your business.

If you are still at the beginning stage of understanding this newer technology and how it is changing the way business is being done, take a look at an article from Acceleration Economy Analyst, Kenny Mullican, as he has been in your shoes before and is helping guide those who are looking to compete fast!

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