Laura Pfohl of Sonata Software on the Benefits of Modernization

In this Community Summit North America 2022 News Desk, Laura Pfohl, Vice President, Delivery and Client Engagement, Sonata Software, and Aaron Back, VP/Principal Analyst, Acceleration Economy and Dynamic Communities, discuss how Sonata Software assists its customers in modernizing.


00:28 – Sonata Software is a modernization company that focuses on modernizing and migrating existing platforms. The company deploys Dynamics 365 F&O and all of the applications within it.

02:40 – Pfohl’s role in the organization is centered around making clients feel better about migrating to a new product or application.

05:04 – Considering how the pandemic changed the need for demand, what type of shift has Pfohl seen in her conversations about modernizing with customers?

05:10 The pandemic prompted the need to work remotely, so Pfohl has found that a large process was getting entire organizations connected to their systems remotely. The cloud has made this process much simpler.

06:48 – Migrating systems unlocks potential and opportunities that likely were unavailable before – Pfohl is responsible for the journey towards this discovery.

07:44 – A benefit of Sonata Software’s assessment is that leaders can identify the benefits and opportunities of blending and integrating various Microsoft products. Having an assessment – or a solid plan in action – should include a reanalysis of business processes within an organization.

10:29 – Pfohl says she does not anticipate a lot of changes to the core Microsoft modules, but rather, in new applications.

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