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Document generation consumes too much of your workday? Monotonous routine tasks such as document creation with copy/paste lead to declining productivity and motivation. How can you increase productivity at work and focus on your core tasks again? Here are our tips on how to create documents efficiently without copy/paste.

Who hasn’t been in this situation: you open a Word template and carefully copy information from various data sources into the document.

Many organizations still create their documents like this. Generating documents usually consumes a significant part of the workday – the team is too busy to concentrate on its core tasks. The good news: automate these routine processes with the help of software in a very smart and intuitive way.

Read on to find out how to increase productivity at work through automation in the long term.

Rely on the data in your systems

In most organizations, data such as customer, supplier, employee or product information as well as text modules, images and more is stored in central systems. In larger companies, these might be ERP or CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP or Salesforce. Especially smaller organizations often use Microsoft Excel sheets or simple SQL databases. Whichever system – the data stored should always represent the only truth and be maintained that way. Or have you ever had good experiences with „conflicting“ copies or duplicated entries?

So you should rely on the data in your systems. But how does the data get into offers, invoices, contracts, brochures or many other documents? You often use copy/paste or complex and costly programming. Later on you will read how you can avoid both completely.

Error prevention increases your productivity

How often have you discovered an error in a document only during the final read-through? Typos, incorrect copying or shifts in the layout happen quickly, especially if you edit each document manually. What follows is a time-consuming process: you have to reopen and edit your data sources and also the original document. This costs time, but also nerves.

The error correction process becomes even longer if the document has already reached the recipient. For example, a document containing personal data ends up with the wrong recipient – because the information was simply copied incorrectly. Data protection violations („data breaches“) are not only inconvenient and time-consuming, they also cause financial damage. GDPR requires mandatory notification of such incidents to the authority and also to the data subjects.

As already mentioned: The truth is already in your systems. So all you need is an intelligent solution that integrates this data into your documents in an automated way. That way, you avoid errors and increase your productivity.

Increase productivity at work through automation

Monotonous routine activities with copy/paste increase the risk of errors, and they are also no fun. Therefore, they not only reduce work productivity, but also work motivation, especially when people can no longer concentrate on their actual core tasks. There is great potential for document automation in all industries: all companies produce documents, regardless of their sector and size. In most cases, they create almost identical or similar documents again and again on the basis of different data sets.

The solution is to automatically and with the push of one button create documents from the preferred system. With software support, document generation can be effortless. dox42 document automation takes over the creation of your documents and significantly relieves your team. dox42 can be integrated into all leading technologies such as SharePoint, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE | CRM, BC | NAV, FO | AX, Workflows and any other system. You still design the templates for your documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Integrate dynamic tables, charts, images, bar codes, text modules, conditions and calculations easily from all your data sources without programming.

But how much does document automation help in figures? Try our ROI calculator and find out right now.

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