How Real-Time Tracking Feature of Maplytics within Dynamics 365 can Improve Field Productivity for your Organization

Real Time Tracking

Are you looking for ways to maximize the on-field productivity of your Reps? Do you face difficulty in measuring the sales performance of Field Reps? Real-time tracking of Field Reps can help you overcome these hurdles. It allows organizations to monitor sales performance of Reps and thereafter help the ones who are struggling to reach their sales quota. In addition, organizations can leverage this functionality to improve productivity of the reps.

What is Real-Time Tracking?

Real-time tracking makes use of GPS to determine the current location of a person in real-time. With this feature, sales managers can get a holistic view of the geo-location of all the Reps in real-time. Whereas, the Reps simply need to log into the app to view their daily schedule, routes assigned to them, and their travel time. Getting live location of the Reps can provide mileage to the business organizations to gain insights of their sales processes.

Maplytics for Real-Time Tracking in Dynamics 365

Maplytics- a preferred geospatial and analytical app has constantly come up with cutting-edge solutions to provide the best to its customers. In its January 2022 release, Maplytics has extended the Real-Time Tracking feature for all modules of CRM to maximize the productivity of the Sales Reps. This feature allows sales managers to track resources by selecting working days and the start & end timings of the Reps. To use this feature, the Reps only need to install Maplytics App and log in with their CRM credentials. Here are the different ways in which the real-time tracking feature of Maplytics can help a business organization:

Easy Monitoring of Reps

Thanks to the Real-time tracking feature of Maplytics, monitoring of Reps and their activities has become quick. Maplytics allows viewing the total travel time, total travel distance, total scheduled appointments, total completed appointments, etc. for a Rep in real-time. Having all data at their fingertips, the sales managers need not ask for a report from the sales reps. Also, they can get the inactive time of the reps and see how we can make best use of this time incase of appointments cancelled/postponed.


Visualize Routes of the Reps

With Real-Time Tracking, managers can keep track of every movement of the Rep when they are on the field. Managers have the privilege to visualize in different colors and in real-time, the assigned routes of a Rep and also the route that is being travelled by the Rep. The managers can send meeting recommendations with clients to the Rep based on their location. Further, the manager can also suggest the fastest and shortest routes to the Field Reps.

Valid Reimbursements

Calculating the exact reimbursement amount of the travel expenses of the employees is an uphill task for the companies. Real-time tracking feature can help in perfectly reimbursing the reps for gasoline, food, or other travel-related expenses. Having data of total travel time and total travel distance of the Reps with the companies, they can easily calculate the reimbursement for every Rep. Hence, companies can check their unnecessary expenses with real-time tracking.

Location History

Location History allows the managers to view the past travelled routes of the Reps. Maplytics allows tracking the resources in three ways- single rep for multiple days, multiple reps for a single day, and multiple reps for multiple days. This data can be used to effectively plan the future assignments of the Reps. Moreover, the managers can switch to the ‘location history’ of a Rep to examine their performance.


Real-time tracking equips managers to take informed decisions related to sales planning. The live location updates can be used to efficiently channelize the resources so as to achieve the sales targets. This feature can tremendously improve the overall on-field productivity of the entire sales team of an organization.

Maplytics has come up with a host of new features in its Jan 2022 release. To know more about these features, you can download the solution from our website or Microsoft AppSource. You can also contact for a free one-on-one demo and discuss your mapping requirements.

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