Microsoft Fabric DP600 Certification Feedback and Impressions with Nicola Ilic

Microsoft Fabric UG

In this video, UG Expert and Microsoft MVP Pablo Moreno welcomes Nicola Ilic, Founder, DataMozart for a short video. The two discuss their impressions and feedback on the Microsoft Fabric DP600 Certification, which Nicola recently took.

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01:10 — Nicola, who recently took the Microsoft Fabric DP600 certification, explains that in his opinion, this is the most comprehensive exam he has ever taken from Microsoft. The exam covers many topics, skills, and tools within the Fabric ecosystem. The exam, he notes, is a good test for anyone who works in Fabric.

02:47 — Microsoft Fabric is more than just a tool — it’s an entire ecosystem with many tools embedded in it. With this in mind, can users without technical backgrounds take this exam? To this point, Nicola notes how this exam is different than Power BI or Power Apps certifications, for example. Someone without a technical background could pass the exam, he notes, “but this person will need to put way more effort than someone who is already familiar with any of these tools or languages.”

04:50 — Having taken the exam already, Nicola notes that user’s skills pertaining to Fabric should be tested differently, being that Fabric is an ecosystem made of up of many tools, requiring various skills.

“I would prefer, personally, that at the very beginning, you say, ‘I want to be tested on how to perform certain actions in Fabric or apply specific concepts, like you mentioned, data modeling, or data ingestion, using these sets of tools.’ That’s my opinion,” adds Nicola.

06:57 — How will this certification help users advance in their professional careers?

“I would say if you plan to work, or if you want to broaden your options when searching for a job, this certificate will definitely help you.” However, he adds that “after taking the exam, you’re not an expert at all. But it shows dedication, that you put some effort into preparing for the exam, and that you get a kind of confirmation of your skills.”

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