Why Dynamics GP is Here to Stay

In episode 2 of the “Inside Dynamics Communities” podcast, John Siefert, CEO, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, Ryan Gonzalez, Sales Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, and Pam Misialek, Community Director, Dynamics Communities and Summit NA, discuss recent research on the future of Dynamics GP and explain why the software is here to stay.


00:16 — There has been some research from AccountingWare that came out recently regarding Dynamics GP. The GP user group is represented strongly at Community Summit NA and here on dynamicscommunities.com.

00:51 The GP user group has a very faithful group of folks on the independent software vendor (ISV) side, the partner side, and the user side. The research that came from AccountingWare discusses the future of Dynamics GP, which was reflected in many of the conversations at Community Summit. John says one thing is for sure: there are many folks who don’t want to move from the on-premise ERP system that is Dynamics GP. He says some of these stats speak to this notion and asks Ryan to contextualize the metrics that came from the research.

01:54 Ryan shares some statistics from the report, which breaks down the companies’ future plans for Dynamics GP:

02:36 — John notes that the shift to Dynamics 365 F&O could be a result of the scale of these businesses. This platform is “more of an enterprise-grade” as opposed to a mid-market ERP platform.

02:54 — It is not surprising that nearly 2/3 of respondents opted to stay with Dynamics GP. John asks Pam for her thoughts.

03:17 Pam is not surprised that 2/2 of respondents have no plans to shift away from Dynamics GP, because “it just works, it’s stable.” Those that use Dynamics GP get to focus on “driving their business, instead of the systems that support it.” The report had enough respondents that it is statistically valid, notes Pam, and even included trends and results around the likeliness of migration.

04:35 As it relates to migrating from Dynamics GP, 80% of respondents noted that the shift from GP would be too hard. About 4% of respondents said the shift would be very straightforward, and 16% noted that the shift would be somewhat straightforward.

05:03 — John says that 53% of respondents, when asked about migration, noted no changes for the foreseeable future. 15% of surveyed respondents noted a shift that may occur in the next 1-2 years. 13% of respondents noted they will be moving off of Dynamics GP in 2023. 9% noted that they will move off of Dynamics Gp in the next 3-5 years.

06:02 — Looking at the companies within the 53% of respondents who do not wish to leave Dynamics GP, “these are not faint-of-heart companies,” notes John. One of these companies includes the MLB.

06:44 — John references PowerGP Online, which is a company that replicates GP instances in the cloud. This gives users the ability to modernize without having to leave what they know behind.

07:40 — Dynamics GP is around to stay and not going anywhere, says Pam. She expects that a key theme in Community Summit NA 2023 will be around businesses trying to optimize, and Dynamics GP is a great platform for doing so.

09:14 — Ryan notes that the team at PowerGP Online is adamant about “doing everything they can to make sure that their product can last through all of this change.”

10:09 PowerOnline GP is a powerful solution for those that are looking for the option to leverage the cloud without leaving GP. In conclusion, John echoes Pam’s sentiment that “GP is here to stay,” which is the reason that there are over 100 sessions at Community Summit NA specific to the software. Users within that environment need help to understand and optimize the software within their organizations.

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