ReEmployAbility COO On How Dynamics 365 CE/CRM Streamlines Operations

In this Community Summit North America 2022 News Desk, Rebecca Dearth, Chief Operating Officer, ReEmployAbility, and Aaron Back, VP/Principal Analyst, Acceleration Economy Analyst Network, discuss how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM aids the company’s operations.


00:31 – ReEmployAbility is a specialty provider in the worker’s compensation space. While employees of external organizations are injured or disabled due to an injury that occurred on a job site, ReEmployAbility helps the individual find work for employees to do while they are recovering. The company places injured workers within their local communities.

01:50 – Where does ReEmployAbility categorize itself as it relates to its use of Microsoft applications?

02:16 – ReEmployAbility executives are attending Community Summit North America 2022 to learn how to optimize the operations conducted in Dynamics CRM – the company has utilized the application since 2011 and recently moved to Dynamics 365 CRM/CE.

03:10 – Dearth says the organization has thousands of injured workers at any time and operates on a national scope. Dynamics 365 CE helps the organization manage all its workers needing relocating.

04:02 – ReEmployAbility’s entire company operates off of Microsoft Dynamics, so all of its data is integrated between all systems. Since the company works with various external organizations, having a seamless experience is crucial. Microsoft Dynamics allows for this.

05:52 – Dearth enjoyed connecting with various of the organization’s partners at Community Summit North America 2022. Additionally, she enjoyed walking through the Expo Hall to discover new solutions that enhance the delivery service the company already has in place.

07:23 – Dearth says she attended many sessions in the Sales and Marketing arena. She adds that she has many “aha moments” after finding shared experiences with other session attendees related to challenges with specific software.

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