Copilot Podcast: SharePoint Copilot Allows for Creation of Custom Copilots

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 39 of the “Copilot Podcast,” Aaron shares details of the new Copilots in SharePoint, including the ability to create custom Copilots that can be shared amongst your team.

This episode is sponsored by three upcoming community events: the AI Copilot Digital Summit taking place on August 22, the Copilot AI Summit Preconference taking place on October 13 in San Antonio, Texas, and the AI Copilot Summit NA, taking place in March 2025 in San Diego, California.

Key Takeaways

  • Copilot in SharePoint: At Microsoft Build 2024, Microsoft introduced the integration of SharePoint and Copilot, declaring that every SharePoint site is now equipped with a Copilot. This addition enhances the ability to manage and locate the vast amount of content added daily across all SharePoint sites.
  • Creating custom Copilots: A new feature in SharePoint allows users to create a custom Copilot tailored to their content preferences. By clicking the “Create a Copilot” button in SharePoint, users can name and describe their Copilot, select data sources for AI grounding, and add behaviors and instructions to personalize the experience, which can then be shared within the company or team.
  • Share Copilots amongst your team: Once a custom Copilot is created in SharePoint, it can be shared with team members via a link in Microsoft Teams. Interaction is simple: mention the Copilot’s name and ask a question or provide a prompt, with the assurance that SharePoint user permissions are respected.
  • Availability: The capabilities for creating custom Copilots in SharePoint are currently in private preview. If you’re interested, sign up to potentially access the preview later this year. Once available, proper permissions will be required to create a custom Copilot. It’s important to note that custom Copilot creation will adhere to existing SharePoint user permissions, ensuring secure access and no risk of oversharing information.
  • Security considerations: To ensure the security and proper use of the new SharePoint Copilot feature, it’s crucial to review and update Microsoft 365 security policies and SharePoint permissions. This will prevent the oversharing of sensitive or proprietary information and ensure strong governance and data policy compliance.

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