Copilot Podcast: New Enhancements to Copilot Studio

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 42 of the “Copilot Podcast,” Aaron Back details the latest enhancements to Copilot Studio.

This episode is sponsored by three upcoming community events: the AI Copilot Digital Summit taking place on August 22, the Copilot AI Summit Preconference taking place on October 13 in San Antonio, Texas, and the AI Copilot Summit NA, taking place in March 2025 in San Diego, California.

Key Takeaways

  • Asynchronous orchestration feature: A new enhancement to Copilot Studio is the asynchronous orchestration feature, which allows generative AI to manage complex, multi-step, long-running tasks efficiently, maintaining the necessary state and context throughout the process.
  • Context-aware capabilities: The new context-aware capabilities of Copilot Studio, which learn from previous interactions to personalize future conversations, emphasize the importance of monitoring and improving AI with transparency and guardrails to ensure it adheres to business and regulatory standards securely.
  • Custom copilots: Aaron explains that with Copilot Studio, users can create custom copilots using natural language, which simplifies the process of developing AI solutions. The redesigned experience offers a foundation or framework to assist users, while they maintain final control over the output.
  • Copilot connectors in Copilot Studio: Aaron highlights the new Copilot connectors feature in Copilot Studio, which aids in creating custom copilots tailored to specific industries and functions, such as legal compliance and HR assistance. He also mentions the availability of persona templates which are in public preview for developers.

Stream the audio version of this episode here:

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