Copilot Podcast: GitHub Copilot and Newly Announced Extensions

Microsoft Copilot

In episode 38 of the “Copilot Podcast,” Aaron Back shares details on the GitHub Copilot extensions, based on the announcements delivered at Microsoft Build 2024.

This episode is sponsored by three upcoming community events: the AI Copilot Digital Summit taking place on August 22, the Copilot AI Summit Preconference taking place on October 13 in San Antonio, Texas, and the AI Copilot Summit NA, taking place in March 2025 in San Diego, California.

Key Takeaways

  • GitHub history: GitHub, a platform launched in 2008, was acquired by Microsoft in 2018. Fast forward to 2022, GitHub Copilot was introduced, one of Microsoft’s initial offerings to aid developers. This tool was designed to enhance software development by providing AI-assisted coding and to empower developers to build and deploy applications using their natural language.
  • Use case: Aaron shares an example of how GitHub Copilot works as illustrated by Microsoft. A developer receives an alert about a database error and begins to investigate the issue. To understand the problem fully, they may need to sift through various tools. Once enough context is acquired, the developer can use tools for error monitoring to further diagnose the cause. Finally, they can apply the fix and deploy it using Azure. He notes that this process involves a significant amount of time spent “context switching.”
  • How GitHub Copilot extensions aid developers: GitHub Copilot extensions are transforming the way developers work by allowing them to stay within the GitHub environment while addressing issues. With the use of natural language, developers can pinpoint the source of a problem without leaving GitHub.
  • GitHub Copilot for Azure: This extension further enhances the capabilities of GitHub Copilot and demonstrates how the tool can accelerate development through natural language. Developers can utilize GitHub Copilot for Azure directly within Copilot chat to get answers to Azure-related questions. Finally, GitHub Copilot for Azure assists developers throughout the deployment process.
  • Availability: GitHub Copilot for Azure is currently in a preview phase and not yet generally available. It is being offered directly by Microsoft, and those interested can sign up here. GitHub Copilot for Azure aims to reduce the time developers spend context-switching between applications, allowing them to address issues more efficiently using natural language.

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