5 Ways to Reconfigure Sales Strategy Post-Pandemic Future

Covid-19 has substantially affected the business organizations around the world. The pandemic has forced companies to re-evaluate and re-work on their sales strategies. The industry leaders are navigating the ways to come out of the pandemic strongly. More importantly, establishing business continuity to protect as well as serve their customers is a major concern to the businesses.

As the business organizations are still wondering on how to reach the pre-pandemic sales figure, here are five ways to increase your sales in the post-pandemic future:

Spend on an E-commerce website

During the pandemic, there has been a significant shift to online platforms to buy products or services. The popularity of the online platforms has grown tremendously during the lockdowns. Therefore, it is the need of the hour for businesses to invest in their E-commerce website and adopt the latest digital tools available in market to reach out to the new customers. This will help the businesses to target new customers and directly communicate with them.

Train your sales team to use latest technology

In this ever-changing competitive world, it is necessary for the sales team to employ the latest technology and tools to expand their business. Introduction and use of latest tools can significantly drive the productivity of the business organizations. Moreover, the employers must provide training to the salespersons to help them get acquainted with the latest tools. The employers should ensure that the training is provided by experienced industry persons and the training should help the employees to easily understand how it can enhance their workflow.

Maplytics, a geo-spatial mapping app is assisting organizations come out of the pandemic and reach their sales target. By using Maplytics, users can view their CRM data on map, send targeted mails to their records, create optimal territories within Dynamics 365 to distribute the workload among the field reps, etc. Also, the users can take advantage of the heat maps in Dynamics 365 to analyze their data through pie chart and column chart. There’s much more in Maplytics to ensure you give the best to your customers. Download the free trial today or reach us at crm@inogic.com.

Connect with need of the customers

Covid19 has brought many new challenges to the businesses. Some of them include- dislocation of the companies, cash flow, problems in monitoring of employees and many more. Business organizations can engage with the customers as advisors to their problems. They should check if their products or services can solve the specific problems of their clients in any way. As for example, the ease of use of the online tools used by a company can be enhanced to improve the productivity of the workers. This step will certainly help the business organizations to build a good relation with their customers in the long run.

Use paid ads

Paid ads can drive beneficial traffic to your website that can result in increased sales for your business. During the pandemic, the paid ads have become cheaper as many companies are not advertising their products currently. Hence, it is the right time for your business to go for paid advertising and build the brand of your business.

Add to your email-marketing list

As people stayed at homes during the pandemic, salespersons relied heavily on the email marketing to communicate with their clients. Hence, building your email-marketing list will be productive in the long run to reach out to your clients. Start building the list of lost opportunities or prospective clients from today itself. Check out Inogic’s Mailchimp Dynamics 365 CRM integration app Marketing4Dynamics, that lets you analyze client actions by syncing Mailchimp data into Dynamics 365 CRM.

With all these efforts, you are sure to increase your sales and keep your business growing. Times were hard, but so were your efforts in making your clients get what they want. As the business world is becoming normal again, make sure to take a breather and appreciate yourself. And to get more secrets to grow your business or increase Dynamics 365 CRM productivity, keep on checking our blogs.

Inogic, with its experienced Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps) team, has been working hard to help Dynamics community by releasing new productivity apps and updates every now and then. Don’t forget to check out our SAAS management and billing app.

Stay safe!

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