15 smart ways to enhance your Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse (Power Apps) productivity!

Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse

2021 is here! After a roller coaster 2020, its time to take stock of the situation and plan accordingly for the future. Now that we know what to expect, it is better to be forearmed than be blindsided again.

And Inogic, one of the most experienced Microsoft Gold ISV for Dynamics 365 CRM & Power Platform, has just the right combination of Dynamics 365 CRM & Dataverse (Power Apps) productivity apps that will help you to achieve your maximum productivity and reach higher ROI in the coming year.
So, without further ado, let’s have a brief tour of Inogic’s suite of productivity apps for Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse (Power Apps).

1) Integrate seamlessly with Integration Apps. (Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource)

Dynamics 365 Apps

Maplytics™ – Want to plot all your Dynamics 365 CRM data conveniently and accurately on Map? Then, Maplytics™ is the apt app for you! It is a geo-analytical mapping app that provides seamless integration between Maps and Dynamics 365 CRM/ Dataverse (Power Apps). Maplytics comes packed with features like Territory Management, Radius Search, Appointment Planner, Optimized Routing, PCF Controls, Census Data, Heat Maps, Truck Routing, and much more! Now visualize and analyze Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse (Power Apps) data on a map with ease.

InoLink –  Want to easily keep track of accounting and sales data in QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 CRM? InoLink – a cloud-based productivity app that integrates Dynamics 365 CRM and Intuit QuickBooks – is just what you are looking for! Using InoLink, you can now get a 360-degree view of customer accounting information within your Dynamics 365 CRM as it easily synchronizes the transaction history and aging details from QuickBooks to your CRM.

2) Enhance productivity with 1 Click Productivity Apps. (Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource)

1 Click Productivity Apps

Click2Clone – As the name suggests, you have to just click once to clone or copy any one of your Dynamics 365 CRM entity records. Be it cloning parent-child records, records with more than 100-line items or creating multiple copies of a single record – name it and Click2Clone will get it done.

Click2Export – Find exporting Dynamics 365 CRM reports tiresome? Want to export data from Dynamics 365 CRM with ease? Click2Export is just what you are looking for! You can export and email Dynamics 365 CRM Reports/CRM Views/Document Templates (Word, Excel) in just a single click and in a format of your choice – Excel, Word, PDF, CSV or TIFF.

Click2Undo – Want to undo mistakes in Dynamics 365 CRM? Restore deleted records to its former state? Click2Undo is just the app you need. A combination of ‘ctrl+z’ and recycle bin functions, it is a must-have app to ease your way around day-to-day CRM activities.

3) Manage attachments seamlessly with Attachment Management Apps. (Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource)

Attachment Management Apps

Attach2Dynamics – Ran out of storage space in your Dynamics 365 CRM? Finding it hard to manage storage space in Dynamics 365 CRM? It’s time to get Attach2Dynamics as an add-on for your CRM environment. SharePoint, Dropbox or Azure Blob Storage – Attach2Dynamics will help you to store & manage your documents/attachments in cloud storage of your choice from within Dynamics 365 CRM.

SharePoint Security Sync – As the name implies, SharePoint Security Sync is what you need when it comes to syncing Dynamics 365 CRM security privileges with SharePoint. A sure shot way to ensure secure and reliable access to confidential documents stored in SharePoint. Also, it has all the attributes of Attach2Dynamics which will enable easy managements of attachments in SharePoint from within Dynamics 365 CRM.

4) Achieve optimum visualization with Visualization Apps. (Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource)

Visualization Apps

Kanban Board – If you are tired of looking at the same old Grid view in Dynamics 365 CRM then Kanban Board is the apt app for you. With Kanban Board, you can visualize the Dynamics 365 CRM data in Kanban view by categorizing the entity records in lanes and rows as per their status, priority or Business Process Flow stages. Practically, one of the best ways to keep track of on-going projects and assignments.

Map My Relationships – Just like the name suggests, you can visualize the relationships between entities or related records in a mind map view. Without navigating from one entity to another, you can glimpse all the related entities in a single view. A smart way to get information quickly and with less effort.

5) Manage Alerts, Monitor Actions & Assign Leads with Stand-Alone Apps. (Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource)

Stand-Alone Apps

Alerts4Dynamics – Want to notify your team about the upcoming sales meeting? Want to alert your sales team about monthly sales target? or Want to wish everyone A Merry Christmas? You can do all these and more with our alerts and notification management app – Alerts4Dynamics. You can alert your team members through pop-ups, email or form notification which can be viewed from anywhere in CRM.

User Adoption Monitor – One of the best ways to keep track of user actions and performances in Dynamics 365 CRM is through User Adoption Monitor. It will monitor both common actions and special messages of all users in your organization on daily, weekly or monthly basis. In the end, you have to just view the dashboards and leaderboards to analyze the performance of each user and implement measures to improve the user adoption Dynamics 365 CRM.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation – Facing difficulty in assigning work items (Leads, Cases) to your team on daily basis? No worries, you can now assign all those pending workload, incoming Leads to your team members automatically in a fair and even manner through Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation. No mismanagement, no cherry picking. All work items will be assigned smoothly and effectively without fail.

6) Streamline billing processes with Billing Apps. (Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource)

Billing Apps

Subscription and Recurring Billing Management – Subscription and Recurring Billing Management provides a robust platform for all subscription-based businesses to seamlessly manage, streamline subscription and recurring billing process within Dynamics 365 CRM. It simplifies complex billing processes, automates manual accounting, and gives insight on business health with a detailed report of important metrics through comprehensive dashboards. An ultimate time-saving app, its flexibility eliminates billing bottlenecks, enhances user productivity, helps businesses to grow and gain a competitive advantage.

Auto Tax Calculator – Want to avoid manual tax calculations? Having difficulty in keeping track of different tax rates? Then, Auto Tax Calculator is what you seek. You can now eliminate manual calculations, increase accuracy, save time for the entire team and improve productivity by automating and managing tax calculations in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Quite an interesting combination of apps, isn’t it?

Each and every app was specifically designed to ease your way around day-to-day Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse (Power Apps) activities. With the clutter out of your way, you can invest your resources in more productive work leading to maximum output and higher ROI.

Still doubtful?

Just visit our website or Microsoft AppSource and check out our apps for a FREE trial period of 15 days.

And for any more information, feel free to contact us at crm@inogic.com where our experts will be happy to field your questions and give you personal demo on any of the above apps.

Unit then – Get Armed & Have a Spectacular Year Ahead!

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