Three Partners Express Appreciation for Community Summit North America 2023

Community Summit 2023

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with representatives of three of the many companies that attended Community Summit North America 2023 in Charlotte, NC.

I wanted to get a sense of how the event affected them and their teams. One company had attended Community Summit in the past, but the other two companies were first-timers.


The Netstock team has exhibited at Community Summit in the past and was very happy to participate again. Karen Wainwright from Netstock began our interview by commending the organizers of Community Summit 2023. She said her team appreciated the charm of Charlotte’s smaller city atmosphere and intimate setting for facilitating valuable contacts. The organizers’ effective communication and attention to detail on the Expo Floor contributed to a well-executed, successful event.

Netstock’s expertise is supply chain planning for small to mid-size businesses. The company is committed to providing solutions tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises that often lack access to the sophisticated tools available to larger corporations. Netstock serves as a “shock absorber” for businesses, helping them navigate challenges like supply chain disruptions, ensuring optimal stock levels, and engaging with market competition.

Watch the Netstock interview

Vantree Systems

Vantree Systems participated in the Community Summit for the first time in 2023, and the team agreed it was an exceptional experience. Philip Aguib lauded the remarkable planning of the event and declared that it was the best organized of the ERP trade shows they’ve attended. The community spirit among the participants left a lasting positive impression.

Vantree Systems specializes in integrating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and API data into Microsoft business applications. Their approach involves bringing EDI capabilities inside Microsoft Dynamics application interfaces. This integration enhances user experience by eliminating the need to navigate external portals and facilitates smoother data processing and error resolution. Vantree Systems is committed to ensuring a seamless, stress-free EDI integration experience and unrivaled customer support.

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Unified A/R

Community Summit 2023 marked a significant milestone for the Unified A/R team. Dan Hatcher, President and Co-Founder of Unified A/R, described the experience of allowing the sheer size and scale of the Microsoft ERP environment to wash over them, emphasizing the energy and diverse participation of exhibitors and attendees. Dan appreciated the collaborative opportunities inherent in the event.

Unified A/R, a seven-year-old company, emerged from the rich legacy of the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors (NAW). Drawing from over 150 years of experience in payments, treasury, and corporate finance, the leadership team developed Unified A/R as a B2B payments organization focusing on modular AR automation technology.

Unified A/R’s solutions, crafted by AR professionals, provide efficiency gains, cost savings, and a transformative experience for businesses in the mid-market wholesale distribution and manufacturing sectors.

Watch the Unified A/R interview

The ERP Software Blog

Our interviewees and many other Community Summit 2023 exhibitors are ERP Software Blog members. We asked them how their membership in the group blogs benefits their companies.

Karen Wainright from Netstock admired the platform’s dynamic, informative content. She highlighted the exposure and learning opportunities the blog provides for marketing purposes and staying informed about the latest trends and technology investments within the industry.

Phillip Aguib of Vantree Systems shared his positive experience with the program. He commended the blog’s role in building an online community, making it an efficient and enjoyable way for Vantree Systems to engage with the broader Microsoft community.

Dan Hatcher of Unified A/R expressed satisfaction with the ERP Software Blog’s structure, praising it as a “no-lose proposition” and recommending it to others. Dan commended the blog for going beyond being a business solutions partner, noting the team’s commitment to fostering relationships and promoting great companies and solutions for Microsoft ERP users.

Our interviewees’ positive experience at Community Summit 2023, coupled with their unique approaches and offerings and the value derived from ERP Software Blog membership, paints a vivid picture of companies dedicated to innovation, community engagement, and continuous learning.

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