Environmental, Social, and Governance Initiatives with Dynamics 365 Finance

We are standing at the cusp of a new decade, one that promises to be unlike anything we’ve seen before. In an age of relentless change, with ever-mounting complexities in our economic, environmental, and social landscapes, the role of digital technology in guiding businesses through these challenges is undeniable.

Today, leaders are seeking ways to leverage technology, not just to drive business performance, but to contribute positively to society and the environment. It’s not just about thriving; it’s about making a difference. Here’s how Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Finance is stepping up to make that a reality.

Cutting Costs Through Sustainability: The ESG Connection

The conversation around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives has moved from the fringes to the center of modern business strategies. With the ever-looming threat of climate change and a consumer base increasingly aligned with responsible purchasing, the focus on sustainability has never been sharper.

The results speak for themselves. Research indicates that those companies embracing ESG initiatives can see their operating costs reduced by as much as 60%. Moreover, businesses with robust ESG scores often enjoy lower capital costs.

But how can companies approach ESG without adding to their burdens or expenses? How do we indeed do more with less?

The key lies in embracing technology to strengthen and differentiate the organization, fueling growth and resilience. In the context of ESG, this means looking for innovations that reduce energy costs or enhance resource efficiency—a win for CEOs, employees, customers, investors, and, of course, our planet.

Dynamics 365 comes into play here, introducing automated workflows, electronic approvals, and signatures, and integrating effortlessly with other Microsoft applications like Office 365. It’s about empowering employees to achieve more with fewer resources.

Taking the Paper Out of the Process: Dynamics 365 Finance

While the concept of going paperless has been around for some time, its relevance in aligning business processes with ESG outcomes has never been more compelling.

Consider the traditional realm of Accounts Payable (AP), historically bogged down by manual handling of countless paper invoices. The costs associated with storage, printing, disposal, and document security are significant and unnecessary.

Some startling estimates reveal that U.S. offices consume over 12.1 trillion sheets of paper annually, with demand expected to double by 2030. It’s a trend that must be reversed, and Dynamics 365 Finance offers a robust and user-friendly solution.

By automating processes like AP, Dynamics 365 can dramatically cut an organization’s dependence on paper, leading to quicker, more efficient, and environmentally responsible operations.

Next Steps

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