Importance of Soft Skills in IT

In this Community Summit North America 2022 moment, John Brennan, Manager of Managed Services,, discusses the importance of having soft skills in IT.


00:08 – Active listening is a powerful skill to have in IT. It demonstrates a person’s understanding of a complex issue and creates room for clarification.

00:46 – Demonstrating engaged and active listening gives one control of the conversation. If someone is explaining a complex problem, Brennan suggests that before internalizing the issue, repeat the problem back to them to ensure full understanding. This gives one the ability to lead the conversation.

01:03 – Another important aspect of controlling a conversation is that it leaves a “last impression.” Last impressions are arguably more valuable than first impressions – following up and showing active engagement is a way to ensure one creates a powerful last impression. Brennan says this is an easy thing to do.

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