How FourVision Uses Dynamics 365 Human Resources

In this Community Summit North America 2022 News Desk, Bert Stegeman, CEO, FourVision, and Aaron Back, VP/Principal Analyst, Acceleration Economy Analyst Network, explore the ways in which the company has built its own applications for human resource professionals using Dynamics 365 HR.


00:29 – FourVision specializes in Dynamics 365 for Human Resources. The company makes and implements software. The company also creates additional products, taking them from “good to great.” FourVision spans across the entire globe with subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, India and Australia.

02:05 – FourVision’s goal is to improve the business life of HR professionals, employees and managers.

04:14 – The pandemic affected personal and business lives in every sense, creating an expectation centered around demand. How has this shift in perspective impacted the conversations FourVision executives are having with their customers?

05:24 – The pandemic prompted many employees to leave their organizations. FourVision has created a survey to gauge why employees are leaving their companies and to ensure that hiring departments are able to acquire and retain the right talent. Additionally, FourVision created an onboarding app to ensure there is not “any gap in attention between the candidate and employers.”

08:08 – Aaron adds that the onboarding app offers forecasting capabilities that can collect the skill sets of potential candidates, which will inform hiring managers of other potential employees that are the right fit for the job. Stegeman says this offers a “new balance, and the power is more on the employee side.”

09:46 – Is FourVision finding that more customers are becoming eager to blend various Microsoft products together now?

10:39 – Stegeman says this is becoming much easier to accomplish since tools and applications are becoming more interoperable. HR, which was traditionally in its own arena, is now becoming integrated with other sectors.

13:00 – Although FourVision is “independent of Microsoft,” co-creation and partnerships are vital to its business operations. FourVision builds its own applications off the Dynamics 365 HR application and its customers rely on the company’s expertise to guide them down the path.

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